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How are you Managing Complaints

How Are You Managing Complaints?

Wednesday, July 27th | 2 p.m. EST


Did you know that the CFPB received upwards of 702,000 complaints as of February 2016? That is a 20% increase year-over-year, and while concerning, the CFPB is only intensifying the issue by publicly displaying these complaints on their website. Now, more than ever, financial institutions are being monitored and expected to refine their process for properly tracking, escalating and effectively resolving account holder complaints. 


The aftermath of mismanaging complaints can have a significant impact on your organization, however; there are steps and processes that your institution can put in place to mitigate the potential risk. During this webinar, attendees will hear about the importance of having a system to properly manage and track complaints to increase efficiencies, enhance communications and improve overall account holder service. Key topics of this webinar include:

  • Discussing the CFPB's direct impact on complaints about financial institutions.
  • Changing your view on complaints and using them as ways to generate revenue and increase efficiency within your financial institution.
  • Learning the most successful techniques for managing and responding to complaints, which includes properly onboarding new employees, implementing intuitive technology and more!

This webinar is a great fit for anyone focused on service and/or compliance within their organization.

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