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Generating Revenue and Building Business

Building Business and Generating Revenue 

Thursday, June 23rd | 2 p.m. EST 


Gone are the days of generic product advertising and constant product pushing. To remain relevant in this highly competitive market, financial institutions need to consider adopting a new mindset of increasing demand generation; keeping their current account holders engaged and happy while also building new business.


In this webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about a "new" banking relationship journey which starts with getting the account holder through the door, cultivating a deeper financial relationship with them, and finally, ensuring they are satisfied. Key highlights of this webinar include:

  • Rethinking your institution's approach to generating business, and understanding the importance of moving from a product-driven methodology to a laser focus on account holders and service.
  • Becoming the "Amazon" of banking by using account holder insights and analytics to improve the consumer experience, and thus, improving the bottom line.
  • Offering a unique and personalized product mix that appeal to Millennials - the largest banking segment up for grabs currently.
  • Providing cutting edge technology and an omni-channel digital banking experience that keeps your client base engaged and less likely to check out your competition.

This webinar is a great fit for anyone focused on origination within their organization. 

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