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Future Ready Collections

Presenters: Kris Frantzen and Abby Progin

December 14, 2017


Technological advances and growing consumer expectations are driving an unprecedented pace of change for financial institutions. Banks and credit unions know they must adapt to meet the challenges of an evolving marketplace and new competition - not just today, but also for the future. The uncertain future, simply put, is approaching faster than ever before. Across all aspects of your organization, you're driving to become "future-ready".

Join Kris Frantzen, Temenos' VP, Product Strategy & Evangelism, and Abby Progin, Temenos' Team Lead of Product Evangelism, as we discuss how Temenos has had 20 years of experience in working with financial institutions to continuously improve their operations, especially in the area of collections. During the webinar attendees will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Delinquency and charge-off trends effecting the market place and what we're paying attention to in preparation for the future.
  • Key considerations of a future ready collections system including, robust automation, adequate recovery functionality and compliant regulation processes.
  • Best practices for marrying process and technology to optimize debt collections while maintaining your ever-valuable account holder relationships.

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