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Addressing the Changing Faces of Financial Crime

Addressing the Changing Faces of Financial Crime 

Thursday, March 31st | 2 p.m. EST 


In an increasingly digital world, financial crime mitigation has never faced so many challenges. Recent record breaking fines for breaches and growing terrorism funding cases are expected to be followed by issues relating to real-time payment processing and possible legal convictions for regulatory non-compliance. Financial institutions must manage counterparty risk to avoid systemic risk, but with all these challenges, how easily can this be realized?


In this webinar, attendees will examine a number of hot topics related to financial crime mitigation, and learn how to adapt effectively to today’s challenging landscape. Key topics include:

  • The impact of real-time payments on financial crime system efficiencies
  • How cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, are affecting financial crime globally
  • How to effectively mitigate financial crime risk using technology

This webinar is a great fit for anyone focused on regulatory compliance or reducing financial crime levels within their organization.

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