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7 Techniques for Increasing Wallet Share

7 Techniques for Increasing Wallet Share

March 25, 2015 | 2p.m. EST


​Is your financial institution looking for ways to strengthen relationships and increase wallet share among new and existing account holders? Has your organization struggled to find success with this initiative in the past? Akcelerant's team of experts is ready to share best practices and techniques that willhelp your financial institution develop relationships and engage new and existing account holders.

In last month's Akcelerant Talks, Converting Single Transaction Borrowers, the team discussed the most effective avenues for attracting new account holders. In this installment, Larry Edgar-Smith and Abby Progin will go into further detail and share seven proven tactics that will help your financial institution cultivate these relationships and increase your bottom line.

From contact strategies to social media, register today to hear how these proven tactics and more have helped fellow financial institutions succeed in today's industry!

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