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First of the three Temenos Regional Forums was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 17th July 2018 at the Avani Riverside Hotel. We welcomed over 120+ customers, partners and industry leaders in the banking and financial services community.

We received fantastic feedback on the event and delighted to share that TRF Bangkok attendees found the event inspiring, informative and valuable.

Highlights from the Temenos Regional Forum (TRF) Bangkok:

  • Forbes report insights & Wealth panel moderated by Emad Ehamahmy – VP Product Management Wealth, Temenos. Insightful panel discussion with Martin Frick, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Temenos and Eddy Tai, Global Head of Operations and Technology, Bank of Singapore.
  • Great conversational panel on Digital banking / Cloud banking with Tony Ohlsson, Chief Analytics Officer, volt bank and Ross Mallace, Head of Cloud APAC at Temenos.
  • Guest speaker Mahendran Namaswayan, Head of Technology & Operations Asia, Bank of Montreal on Successful partnerships in delivering digital to the core.
  • Temenos's Kanika Hope, Global Strategic Business Development Director, delivered powerful material on Open Banking, perspectives on the 2018 EIU Retail Banking Report and customer engagement.
  • Great insight on the impact on Technology in support of tomorrows open bank by John Schlesinger, Chief Enterprise Architect
  • 12 new product announcements with some great demos from the Temenos Business Solutions Group.
  • Temenos Learning Community Engine was launched by Paul Howell – Business Development Manager TLC, Temenos

Temenos Regional Forum (TRF): Singapore

Join us at TRF Singapore, bringing the banking and financial services community together.

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Wow! As you can see, we had a lot of great topics and conversations at TRF Bangkok this year and we are eagerly planning for 2019! Look forward to welcoming you there.

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Event highlights

Temenos Regional Forums: Digital to the Core – Bangkok, Thailand 2018

First of the three Temenos Regional Forums was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 17th July 2018


Welcome to TRF!

Martin Frick


Instant Payments

Jitesh Malik


Upgrade T24 Now: Realise The Benefits

Anthony Osborne & Mustansir Hussain


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