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QUALCO’s platform streamlines the complex debt recovery processes, supporting all credit lending products, and manages multiple debt portfolios in multiple countries.

QUALCO combines innovative Debt Management technologies with expert advisory services to monitor performance, analyse and predict customer interactions, and optimise strategies and operations.

QUALCO is a leading European Debt Management software solutions and advisory service provider with corporate presence in the UK, France, and Greece. It processes over €175bn of debt for more than 70 clients across the world.

QUALCO Collections, the company's flagship product, handles any lending product across any industry, and can scale up to unlimited accounts and users, for a simplified platform and better-informed operations across unlimited locations:

  • Clearer analytics, better business intelligence

Clients get greater transparency on performance with extensive analytical tools and multi-dimensional interactive reports. A comprehensive real-time operational view offers control of internal and external productivity through day-to-day planning. This results in better long-term strategic decisions and measuring the effectiveness of their implementation.

  • Automated operations and increased efficiency

Collection costs are reduced by up to 50%. All collection processes are automated, including resource allocation between internal and external agents. Operator efficiency and performance increases and training costs decrease with single agent views, guide scripts and dialer integration. Customer and accounts-based portfolio segmentation is performed. Customer contact via SMS, post and email, along with back office processes such as customer requests, direct debits and legal action support are all automated.

  • Increased rehabilitation

Reduce bad debt, delinquency and attrition by up to 35%. Sophisticated customer segmentation and collection strategies identify the root cause of delinquent behavior and resolve it more effectively. A customer's risk profile and status gives operators the ability to apply the right strategy to each customer. The effectiveness of each strategy step is monitored better than ever.

  • Maximised internal agent productivity

Everything needed to enhance performance, is available in one streamlined platform. Guidance scripts also improve the quality and productivity of customer contact and reduce the amount of training required.

  • Better control of agency performance

Improve third party panel results by setting and communicating targets, then monitoring and benchmarking operational and financial performance. Streamline the workflow to and between multiple agencies. You can then automate asset assignments and recalls, set around customer segmentation models or other criteria informed by newly gained business intelligence.

More than 50 financial institutions, debt collection agencies, and asset management companies in over 10 countries rely on QUALCO's Debt Management platform. Qualco's international experience, business know-how and advanced technology solutions optimise Debt Management strategy and operations, giving full control, instant correction, and constant innovation capabilities to its clients.

QUALCO Debt Management has been integrated with Temenos T24 (from R11 onwards) and is in operation at several T24 clients. Recently the cloud-based version of QUALCO Debt Management complemented the T24 MCB SaaS version.

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