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Optria provides customer communications management software exclusively for the financial industry.

Their printed and electronic customer communications solutions which consist of Optria Communiqué and Optria iStatements enable banks and credit unions to easily create relevant, branded communications and marketing campaigns. Optria’s solutions are proven to increase productivity, reduce costs, increase revenue, and enhance the customer experience.

These robust, fully-integrated solutions enable institutions to deliver eye-catching, personalised correspondence that includes colorful images, photos, graphics, charts and more can all be easily managed by staff.

Beyond great looking statements, organisations can personalise their communications by targeting an individual customer, a group of customers or all customers, easily conveying important information that is valuable and relevant to the recipient, cultivating a stronger connection.

Additional customer communications features

  • Statement Aggregation
  • Strong Postal Savings where available regionally
  • True Interactive Presentation
  • Dynamic Content
  • Automated On-Line Enrollment
  • Seamless Integration

Optria can strengthen an institution’s ability to capture additional wallet share through its segment-of-one, targeted marketing capabilities.

The system can pull information from multiple databases to customise communications on an individual level. Targeting specific customers with relevant product and service promotions will provide greater opportunities to increase revenue.

When new products or services become available, institutions can take advantage of the system’s flexibility and ease of use to immediately begin communicating new offerings to customers and members hence increasing revenue-generating opportunities.

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