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EFS Technology is the company behind AutoFORM LaserNet, the only globally certified output and document management suite for T24.

Working with banks across the world, EFS Technology offers complete end to end solutions for T24 clients in any financial sector.

AutoFORM LaserNet makes it easy to work with T24 data, giving the user the ability to create visually appealing, content rich, customised documents, reports and statements. Simple to use drag and drop tools allow financial institutions to effortlessly pull data into forms, giving a live preview of the output before it goes to print, email and archive.

EFS Technology’s seamlessly integrated solutions give access to AutoFORM LaserNet’s advanced features all from within T24. It’s now easier to:

  • Perform enhanced customer on-boarding and rapid report and advice document generation.
  • Take digital photographs of customers to attach to their accounts for authentication and identification at any branch.
  • Scan and capture customer data directly from T24 straight to archive.
  • Automatically insert charts, graphs, images, logos and messages into your statements for greater personalisation and impact.
  • Generate and automatically distribute secure PDF’s based on customer preferences.

These are just some of the many benefits that AutoFORM LaserNet can bring to their T24 clients.

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