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ABRIS' flagship product, GAMMA is an intelligent IT monitoring and management tool for Temenos T24. GAMMA supports IT Operations to ensure high-availability of T24 services & interfaces, business continuity by real-time monitoring of Temenos T24.

ÁBRIS, as a member of the Temenos partner ecosystem, is certified in upgrades and T24 services (implementation and development) who also provide a complementary solution product to T24.

We focus on adding values to our clients by helping them in the field of software development, support, testing, products and banking IT consultancy.

Based on 12 years experience of T24 first line support ABRIS is providing their flagship product with wide range of functionality including:

  • Overall IT operation tool for T24 Banking System
  • Real time availability monitoring of T24 system components
  • Automate the pre-COB and post-COB tasks and initiate the whole COB process from GAMMA
  • Monitor the performance and operation of interfaces
  • Monitor the whole COB process
  • Analyse COB trends
  • Common dashboard for T24 environments
  • Obtain data from OS, TAFC or T24 with a controlled way without having T24 or jShell access
  • Connection between the IT and Business using GAMMA Service concept
  • Advanced alerting and escalation management
  • Alerting via HTML-formatted mails and SMS
  • Start T24 programs and services from GAMMA dashboard and monitor their works
  • SLA management

GAMMA - The overall T24 operation tool