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Temenos T24 Transact: Next Generation Treasury

25 years of investment in T24 Transact Treasury provides Temenos clients with a fully-integrated Treasury solution to make them more efficient, innovative, scalable and engaged with their customers

Treasury Challenges

In a world of increased regulations, market turbulence and a constantly demanding customer, the role of bank treasurers is growing in importance. There is a need to adapt, transform and innovate to match the needs of the organization by fundamentally supporting the business and expectations of an increasingly broader set of internal and external stakeholders. 

External forces and internal banking challenges are increasing the need for treasurers to manage risks and liquidity and at the same time, allocate capital in a more efficient way. All these factors not only call for a rationalized IT landscape but also demand a tight integration with the core banking system in order for banks to move to real-time, adopt digital transformation and innovate to meet their own needs and those of their customers. Treasury, being at the center of banking operations, needs to react effectively to these new business expectations.

In summary, banks treasury department face the following challenges: 

External Challenges:

  • turbulent economies and continuously changing regulatory landscape
  • decreasing margins and yields
  • changing corporate customer

Internal Challenges:

  • managing liquidity more timely and accurately
  • allocation of capital to achieve profitability
  • managing assets and liabilities in real-time

How our solution helps

With over 25 years of investment, T24 Transact treasury provides clients with a fully integrated solution making them more efficient, innovative, scalable and engaged with their customers. T24 Transact treasury has been specially designed to help financial institutions improve time to market, increase straight-through-processing (STP) and cut costs.

According to a survey by Treasury Today, 80% of global treasurers’ experience delays in obtaining cash data, while only 19% have access to real-time cash visibility. T24 Transact treasury helps our clients to significantly increase visibility of their positions in real-time and successfully navigate regulatory uncertainties, monitor liquidity, and manage effectively and efficiently all operational risks faced by key treasury stakeholders.

T24 Transact treasury offers a fast and intuitive way to capture trades and manage positions and risk across multiple asset classes. It combines sophisticated trader tools, dashboards and risk management workflows that enable users to monitor liquidity and manage positions across both the trading and banking books.

T24 Transact treasury is integrated into T24 Transact core banking and is delivered through an advanced user-interface. There is no need for separate databases, technology footprint or complex interfaces; this approach increases treasury operational efficiency by leveraging a single comprehensive front-to-back solution covering all asset classes and risk types.

Finextra JSBank Interview

Basir Shamsie of JS Banks discusses treasury at the Temenos Community Forum 2018

What is included

T24 Transact Treasury solutions features and functionalities provide a set of flexible modules to meet the needs of banks treasury.

Supported Asset Classes:

  • Derivatives
  • Equities
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Fixed Income
  • Money Market
  • Structured Products


How it's delivered

Built into the T24 Transact platform, available on-premises or cloud native, treasury departments are able to reduce IT footprint, overheads and running costs. While implementation time, effort and risk is minimized through this pre-packaged solution. 

A global network of leading business, technology and services partners help reduce implementation risk, enable a faster time-to-market and provide innovation. 
Temenos' Expert Services are also available to support our clients prepare and implement our modules.

Treasury Brochure

T24 Transact Treasury provides Temenos clients with a fully-integrated Treasury solution

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