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Reduce the cost of growth and complexity with a highly scalable, efficient and flexible platform.

Temenos' Platform offering helps banks run and scale their business systems much more efficiently and to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO). It does this by letting banks run their core banking system in an application server and, when required, in a multi-tenant or cloud-based set-up. In all cases, business functionality is totally preserved.

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Issues faced in Platform

Our Platform offering addresses the lack of cost-efficiency, scalability and flexibility faced by banks which do not have a choice of platform, cannot fully exploit modern platform technology (e.g., app servers), and which are complex (e.g., multi-country) and need to deploy a separate system instance for every business entity. Your bank will benefit from our Platform offering if it:

  • Is growing fast and becoming more complex organizationally-speaking, for instance due to the creation of new business entities in foreign countries
  • Is forced to deploy a separate instance of its Core Banking system for each one of its business entities, engendering significant infrastructure and administrative costs
  • Lacks control over the evolution of the banking system instances in its different entities
  • Bears high costs from managing and ramping up many different vendor-specific technical software resources, to support the growth of its business systems
  • Is unable to fully exploit application server technology to make its Core Banking platform scalable
  • Does not have the choice of platform on which to run its Core Banking system, preventing it from minimizing total cost of ownership
  • Feels exposed to the risk of technical software resource failures which could disrupt business operations
  • Cannot perform comprehensive, near real-time monitoring of its Core Banking system without impacting the performance of the system itself

How the Platform offering helps

Our Platform offering makes your bank much more scalable, cost-efficient and flexible, even when your organization is complex e.g., multi-country. Most importantly, it enables you to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your banking business solution while delivering outstanding service to your customers and business users at all times. Our Platform products and framework are for you if you are seeking enhanced:


The ability to preserve the performance of your core banking system at all stages of growth, while keeping operating expenses in check, by fully exploiting app server technology and the possibility of using a virtually unlimited number of app server instances arranged to work together (clustering). This also includes the ability to undertake comprehensive reviews of your system's health at all times, without impacting the performance of the system


The ability to significantly reduce infrastructure and administrative costs of running and growing a complex (e.g., multi-country) organization. This is achieved by letting multiple entities ("tenants") share a same instance of the core banking system on a single set of platform resources, thereby spreading and amortizing costs across the tenants, and the ability to automate multi-tenancy management to a large extent


At an operational level, the ability to choose which operating system and application server you wish to use to run your banking systems; at a strategic level, the ability to easily create and manage new tenants in the system, increasing business agility

How it works

Our Platform offering consists of products and of a framework that promotes free choice of platform.

  • Core Banking Multi-Tenant Management enables complex (e.g., multi-country) organizations to host multiple tenants' data and services, with a single instance of the Core Banking system that runs on a single set of platform resources, while maintaining data isolation between tenants and permitting some customization for each tenant
  • Core Banking Multi-Tenant Automation maximizes the operational efficiency benefits of multi-tenancy, notably by further automating updates, upgrades and tenant management
  • Operational Monitoring leverages the Core Banking system's unified logging to provide a rich and real-time view of the overall health of the Core Banking environment, without affecting the performance of the system whilst monitoring activities are being performed
  • The Platform Framework is not a product, but a set-up (architecture) in which the bank runs its Core Banking system on the platform of its choice and in the Java application server of its choice, thus maximizing scalability, efficiency, flexibility and resilience. It also prepares the bank for the future of technology, such as the use of in-memory database. This framework is part of Temenos' approach to implementing enterprise architecture in the bank, in order to reduce its cost-per-transaction

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