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Temenos Technology

Technology is strategy. We say this because our Technology products make banks more competitive and profitable, by helping them evolve easily and cost-efficiently with fast-changing market and user requirements.

These products also boost the scalability and resilience of the banking platform, enabling banks to perform well in the midst of complex, risky and low-margin environments.

  • Is your bank aiming to achieve digital banking excellence, real-time multi-channel banking, and real-time reporting and business analytics?
  • Is your bank aiming to exploit innovative third-party user-interfaces and apps, big data, and cloud-based resources?
  • Are you worried about the costs of growing your banking platform fast, frequently adapting functionality, and supporting dispersed business entities?
  • Are you concerned by the threat of disruptive competition, disintermediation and commoditization posed by fintech entrants and large tech-native players, like Google and Amazon?
  • Do you want to extract maximum value from your Temenos software Suites and Products?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then our Technology products and frameworks are for you.

Our Technology products and frameworks are organized into five offerings, reflecting five areas in which banks face major business challenges: 

Data Framework

Turn the lead weight of data into a golden opportunity: manage it, unlock it and extract the value.

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Design Framework

Adapt your banking system functionality and business processes better, faster and more frequently.

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Integration Framework

Be more agile and competitive with near-real-time event-based integration.

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Interaction Framework

Open up your banking platform to accelerate the pace of innovation around your services.

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Reduce the cost of growth and complexity with a highly scalable, efficient and flexible platform.

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