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A world-class Micro Banking solution for financial Institutions and banks of all sizes.

MicroBankingSuite is an integrated banking software solution, built upon 20 years' experience serving retail community banking. It gives FIs of any size access, including via the Cloud, to a world-class solution with pre-configured specific functionality. MicroBankingSuite is currently used by over 200 financial institutions in 46 countries.

Microbanking Issues 

Community banks, microfinance networks, cooperatives, and commercial banks serving retail customers in emerging markets face quite a specific set of challenges, which cannot be addressed with legacy in-house systems or generalist commercial banking solutions. These challenges include:

  • Limited financial means - many smaller FIs are not able to make the large upfront investments to purchase world-class banking solutions that can help them fulfil their ambitious goals.
  • Cost of outreach - reaching the unbanked populations of the world means servicing small loan amounts and servicing remote and sparsely populated areas of the planet, which can be dangerously unprofitable without high rates of process automation and mobile delivery.
  • Diversity of business models - legacy systems and small microfinance systems struggle to support the very broad range of features and lending methodologies which are required to manage cost and risk.
  • Lack of scalability - smaller microfinance systems often struggle to preserve the profitability and performance in this market, as FI's experience high growth rates that result from getting the service delivery right.
  • Administrative challenges - customers in developing economies are often without forms of official identification or able to provide tangible security, making it difficult for formal institutions to offer them banking services.

How our solution helps

MicroBankingSuite is an integrated banking software solution for microfinance institutions, community banks and financial institutions (FIs) of all sizes, active in both (group and individual microfinance) lending and (member) deposit holding.

It provides FIs with world-class banking capabilities that usually are only accessible to larger commercial banks with significant IT budgets. MicroBankingSuite, which can be exploited in the Cloud on a SaaS basis, provides a modern, agile and highly scalable core banking system, as well as a single platform for distribution across all digital and assisted channels, and powerful business analytics.

For community banks, the MicroBankingSuite offers dividend point tracking, provisions therefore and parameterised dividend processing functionality

MicroBankingSuite enables FIs to significantly reduce operating costs even when business is growing fast, and to pass on these efficiencies to their end-customers in the spirit of financial inclusion. At the same time, it enables FIs to clearly differentiate themselves with highly responsive service, tailored products and a truly customer-centric experience – giving every customer, regardless of their financial worth, the same quality service anywhere.

  • Cost-efficiency - Cloud deployment and SaaS model, low cost of ownership, high STP levels
  • Innovation - Easy product configuration and launch, powerful customer analytics
  • Multichannel - Efficient multichannel distribution of banking services and products
  • Flexibility - Supports various group types, individual rates, standard payment channels
  • Scalability - Preserves transaction and query performance when growth is fast
  • Operational resilience - Nonstop 24/7 business, scalable data centres with SLAs and controls
  • Business security - Biometrics, customer mnemonics

What is included?

Core Banking

  • MicroBanking Suite is a version of Temenos' world-leading Core Banking platform with a pre-configured layer of microfinance - and community bank specific - functionality. Leveraging the experience gained from over 200 FIs that it supports today, MicroBanking Suite gives FIs powerful capabilities for managing:

Customer groups:

  • Advanced group-servicing functionality that supports four types of loan groups, including Solidarity, Formal, Guaranteeing and Nested groups


  • Tools that guide FIs through a process of setting up products around a set of common values, allowing them to easily combine product features at their will

Loans and collections:

  • Functionality supporting the full lending lifecycle from loan applications to rates and charges, rescheduling, cash collection and document management


  • Pre-configured reports that support CGAP reporting guidelines


  • Customer mnemonics, biometric identification (voice recognition, fingerprints)


  • MicroBanking Suite provides configurable micro/community bank-specific user-interfaces, for both end-customers and field-based staff via mobile and internet channels, supporting daily business activities such as remote cheque and deposit capture, and remote balance query.


  • MicroBanking Suite provides powerful business analytics capabilities to perform predictive and prescriptive customer analysis, enabling FIs to be more responsive and customer-centric.

MicroBankingSuite ebrochure

A scalable, world-class solution bringing ultimate efficiency to MicroBanking...

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How is it delivered?

MicroBankingSuite can be delivered on-premise or via the Cloud. We offer MicroBankingSuite clients a subscription-based, 'pay-as-you-use', Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that requires minimal up-front costs. This possibility offers quick, easy access to Temenos' solutions without the need for significant internal IT resources and expensive infrastructure. These features make it the ideal deployment choice for FIs seeking cost-effective solutions that help them speed up the real economic benefit they deliver.

Local partners that can assist with MicroBankingSuite deployments and other services: Software Group, Jethro, Inlaks, MCB Consulting Services, Sofgen, Tech Mahindra and USi.

Microsoft Azure is our partner of choice for Cloud deployment.

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