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Front Office Suite

Our digital engagement platform, Temenos Front Office Suite, is an omni-channel, data-driven, packaged solution with the customer at its heart.

The digital decision engine uses data from a myriad of customer interactions and touchpoints to feed Real-time Marketing messaging and offers and uses this to drive valuable analytics insights. Data is at the core of this customer engagement. It is an open-API-based solution which can be delivered on any core banking system whether supplied by Temenos or by a third party, giving the flexibility where desired, to progressively renovate your architecture front to back to future proof your digital capabilities.

The challenges of digital engagement

The digital engagement customer lifecycle is far more complex today than ever before. The customer journey is non-linear, individual, spontaneous and unpredictable. This translates into many more interactions and touchpoints between banks and customers in the process of acquiring and engaging them, encouraging their loyalty and advocacy and offering personalised products and services. Building customer trust is as much a factor in the delivery of a successful digital experience as it is when they walk into a branch or speak to someone in a contact centre. Digital engagement needs to be equally human in its approach.

Furthermore, the technology landscape is moving at pace and new entrants to the market today make use of this dynamism and data to deliver tailored digital experiences that focus on customer centricity.

The need for banks to deliver an exceptional customer experience has never been greater.  This challenge is set against a background of technology innovation such as AI and Cloud; Big Data; regulatory change; ongoing security concerns and the constraints of legacy architecture or in the case of new banks, the need to rapidly acquire customers.

Summary of Issues

  • Changing customer behaviours and expectations of their relationship with their bank
  • Multiple customer touchpoints requiring consistent omni-channel experience
  • Rapidly evolving technology changes: open banking and APIs, AI and automation
  • Regulatory pressures
  • Legacy architecture impeding agility and diverting investment away from innovation to maintenance
  • Building customer base at speed in a competitive start-up environment

How our solution helps

The Temenos Front Office Suite is a customer-centric, open, omni-channel, packaged digital engagement platform which equips banks with the ability to offer consistent, personalized and responsive digital banking journeys to their customers and clients irrespective of a bank's core banking solution.

Front Office Suite is a holistic offering that benefits from our 25 year heritage in developing banking software and delivering complex integration banking projects. It is because of our heritage that we are in the unique position to be able to offer our Front Office Suite clients the ability to selectively enable back end capabilities in our core banking product (T24), where legacy systems are unable to meet the digital innovation needs of a truly digital customer experience. Our history indeveloping T24 Core Banking has given us a powerful insight into where the integration touch points are to enable us to create a seamless integration model. Our digital platform, Front Office Suite, enables you to deliver business benefit in the short term to support your longer term investment needs.

Temenos' Front Office clients benefit from increased productivity and efficiency through:

  • Industrialisation of key onboarding and revenue-generating processes
  • The digital decision engine drives Real-Time Marketing capabilities and insights through predictive modelling techniques
  • An omni-channel experience is delivered via our market leading single platform UXP
  • Straight through processing (STP) enables customers to self-serve

What's included

Our digital platform consists of 4 functional modules: Channels, Front Office (Marketing; Sales; Origination and Onboarding, Servicing), Analytics and Risk and Compliance. The underlying technologies supporting the functionality are the Temenos user experience platform (UXP) along with the Interaction, Integration, Platform and Design frameworks.

Front Office Suite is based on an advanced technology architecture that provides platform independence, real-time interfaces, advanced analytics, extreme usability, and excellent productivity for configuration and deployment of modular components. It also provides risk and compliance capabilities to protect against financial crime.

Front Office boosts customer loyalty, share-of-wallet and revenue growth by helping banks improve the quality and effectiveness of their:

  • Revenue-generating processes
  • CRM and CMS
  • Advice
  • Pricing
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Multi-channel customer experience

How it's delivered

With an extensive set of regional partners and 5 global Integration Partners in our network, we have experience across many types of financial institutions. Temenos has in-house and partner resources to meet current and expected further growth in demand for our product and related implementations. We currently have over 750 employees focused on implementations and over 4,000 skilled partner resources at our disposal. We have different implementation strategies based on your needs.

Why work with us?

We believe to be truly digital you need to be digital front to back in order to future proof your organisation's capability. However we understand the need to deliver business benefit quickly in addressing digital customer experience issues and therefore our digital engagement platform, Front Office Suite, is independent of any specific core system and can be implemented connected either to Temenos T24 or to any third party provided core platform.

We have over 3000 clients to date and global reach which gives us great experience of different integration methods. Our different clients have different needs from which we learn and this is all fed into our digital innovation roadmap, software upgrades and integration processes. Temenos clients benefit from all Temenos clients.

Temenos UXP has been distinguished as a Market Leader in Ovum's reference guide, the Ovum Decision Matrix (ODM): Selecting a Digital Banking Platform, 2017-2018


"Temenos stands out with broad and rich banking capabilities...Temenos digital engagement platform is a good fit if you are looking for broad banking capabilities with good channel support, rich analytics, a solid apps builder and a good-enough tool set to build business capabilities on top of your back-end solutions".

Q3 2017, Forrester Wave.


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