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Fund Management

Fund Management is the world's leading investment accounting and investor servicing software.

Today we support more than $7 trillion in assets for both traditional and alternative funds, representing over 30,000 funds across 30 countries, for the world's leading global custodians, third-party administrators, insurance companies and asset managers.

Funds Issues 

Service providers, fund administrators and asset managers face multiple challenges, including:

  • Squeeze on profitability
    Asset managers are facing a squeeze on their profitability and, in response, they are looking to new markets and innovative solutions for their clients. In return, their administration partners need to be able to respond quickly to support new asset classes and new jurisdictions.
  • Pressure on fees and operational costs
    An increased focus on fund fees and the transparency of charges is forcing asset managers to look to their administration partners to deliver efficiency gains and cost reductions.
  • Greater risk management and transparency
    Regulators and investors require more transparency from their asset managers, which they in turn demand from their third party administrators. Data hidden in operational systems now needs to be unlocked to support transparency and drive new digital opportunities.
  • Fragmented systems
    Asset managers and administrators often have multiple systems for different regions, different asset classes and different fund types, as well as ancillary applications and spreadsheets to fill functional gaps. To meet the demands of a rapidly changing world, administrators need to consolidate, simplify and streamline their systems.
  • Continued regulatory change
    Almost a decade on from the financial crisis, time and cost intensive regulation that will potentially change the shape of the industry forever is still being pushed through and implemented. Operational systems need the flexibility to respond to the ever-changing regulatory and legislative environment.

Multifonds Global Accounting ETF module

Transform your ETF Administration with sophisticated workflow and production control

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Temenos Every Fund Survey - Part 1

What challenges and opportunities does ETF growth create for asset servicers?

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Temenos Every Fund Survey – Part 2

Increasing operational efficiency the #1 focus for asset management

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How our solution helps

With Fund Management, clients have the capability to manage all asset classes and jurisdictions, both now and in the future, from a single accounting and investor servicing platform:

  • Delivers long-only control and efficiency with alternatives flexibility on one platform, to support convergence between long-only and alternative funds
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by consolidating functions and systems on one platform across multiple geographies, asset classes, jurisdictions
  • Delivers increased efficiency through sophisticated workflow and exception management
  • Syndicates analysis/product development across clients, so that development costs are shared and all clients benefit from changes made to one code base
  • Supports both middle office and back office, and delivers the Investment Book Of Records (IBOR) and Accounting Book Of Records (ABOR) from one platform
  • Provides ease of data access based on an open Oracle architecture

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse implemented Temenos FundSuite, that enables a whole new, streamlined way of working.

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What's included

Multifonds Global Accounting

Allows the consolidation of fragmented legacy systems onto a single, global platform

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For fund and portfolio accounting:

  • All major fund structures and asset classes across 30+ fund domiciles
  • Single platform supporting both Accounting Book of Record (ABOR) and Investment Book of Record (IBOR) from single set of transactions
  • Sophisticated workflow and exception management framework controls daily portfolio valuations and NAV calculations
  • Multiple accounting and tax methods maintained for a single fund
  • Trade and cash management, confirmation processing, position keeping, real time P&L, investment accounting, cash flow forecasting, corporate actions processing

For investor servicing and transfer agency:

  • Consolidated investor dealing and shareholder record-keeping to significantly improve client experience
  • Investor servicing includes alternatives, with institutional control
  • Single instance supports multiple clients across 20+ fund domiciles
  • Supports full investment lifecycle including AML/KYC, order processing, cash management, retrocessions, income distributions, performance fees, equalisation/series of shares and partnership accounting

For data sourcing:

  • Loads and compares market and reference data from many chosen sources to generate golden copies
  • Controls distribution of reference and market data to multiple consuming systems and processes

Multifonds Global Investor

Provides a single, global platform for investor servicing and transfer agency

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For financial crime mitigation:

  • Fast, accurate and intelligent analytical detection engines, that are easy to configure and simple to use
  • Combats money laundering, accurately screen against sanctions lists or ensure customer enhanced due diligence

For analytics:

  • Harnesses and transforms data into valuable business intelligence
  • Supports customer-centricity, product innovation and competitive differentiation

For digital channels:

  • Provides a single user experience platform (UXP)
  • Unlocks operational data hidden in legacy systems
  • Delivers insights for fast track development of digital strategies

How it's delivered

With over 20 years' experience in the delivery of core replacement projects, we bring together the best product, people and processes in our industry. By replacing fragmented legacy systems and manual processes with a single, global platform, our clients typically enjoy efficiency improvements in excess of 30%.

Why work with us

We bring the scale, expertise, and global presence to help clients enter new markets, launch new services, increase scale and win new business. With 75% of our Fund Management people in R&D roles, our clients enjoy the benefits of over 20,000 days of product development, helping them become more flexible and expand their capabilities. We don't just deliver a single platform, we become a true partner to help our clients to grow.

" Without the intelligent and modular architecture to support our increased product and asset range, we would never have been able to achieve such significant increases in coverage and efficiency. "

Global Head of Fund Services, Standard Chartered Bank

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