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Trade Finance

Our Trade Finance module has been created to support even the most complex of structures across multiple geographic locations.

Created as part of our award winning core-banking solution, it benefits from the support of a complete front to back-office and product lifecycle management software. Fully automatic and online, efficiency and security are enabled through a realtime solution that supports a paperless environment while reducing operational and financial risk. Ultimately, with the components within the Temenos Trade Finance module your clients can react faster to changing market conditions through a complete, single view.

Trade Finance brochure

Temenos' Trade Finance module has been created to support even the most complex of structures


"The speed in which we have reached go-live is testament to Temenos' experience and capabilities and vindicate one of the many reasons for which we chose their core software platform. Our aim is to be the leading bank in Bangladesh and, with the support of Temenos, we believe we can achieve this."

Mr. S M Amjad Hossain - Chairman of South Bangla Agriculture & Commerce Bank Ltd

Select from a range of components that easily integrate into your core banking solution to support trade finance:


Supports required standards and compliance

All of our trade finance products are compliant with Uniform Customs and Practices (UCP) as approved by the Banking Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce. SWIFT message standards for outward and inward messages are supported. Every year, new SWIFT standards are incorporated into our core platform well before the live date, giving users ample time for clients to familiarise themselves.

Truly agile

It is parameter driven to enable easy customisation. Input is through a single transaction, which automatically creates all necessary postings. There is no need for users to understand the underlying business rules or code, so flexibility, business agility and productivity are boosted simultaneously.

Single, real-time visibility

Running 24/7 and in real time, instant access to information is available through internet banking applications, and your customers also benefit from a clear understanding through features such as live monitoring of bank, country, project, and counter-party exposure. You can also now access to information faster due to the on-line availability of applications, issued letters of credit, amendments, drawings, and shipping guarantees etc. And with this clear visibility operational and financial risk is mitigated.