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Formerly the Akcelerant Framework service solution

The Service module brings together industry best practices and a standardized request management system to dramatically improve performance, reduce the risk of error, increase account holder satisfaction and ensure service-level commitments are met and exceeded.



Centralize and standardize service processes

  • Facilitate and track service calls and requests while driving standardization and managing the complete account holder service experience.
  • Easily view all tickets related to the account holder, as well as any associated tasks. Attach ticket and task supporting documents in any format including Word, Excel and PDF. 
  • Automatically trigger and perform pre-defined actions every time a specified event occurs, such as when a task is completed or a field is changed. 
  • Bridge the gap between departments by automatically routing tasks for interdepartmental work.
  • Sychronize the system with your existing internal processes by easily configuring out-of-the-box steps into the system.

Easily manage technology independent of IT

  • Quickly react to market needs by configuring the software without the need for IT or vendor assistance.
  • Update the system to reflect new internal processes with intuitive configuration for service tickets, task processing, screens, fields, actions and more.
  • Customize the software using the extensible architecture, open API or integration with industry-leading third-party  providers to create behind-the-scenes automation, custom screens or custom panels.
  • Easily link tasks and create dependencies with a simple drag-and-drop concept when configuring service tickets.
  • Automate business processes and customize essential information with a selection of five available task types that can be used within every ticket workflow.

Measure and track service level agreements

  • Improve account holder satisfaction by monitoring start and end times for tasks, setting goals for task duration and tracking overall request status.
  • Monitor performance with scheduled reports automatically emailed to executives and managers in either summary or detailed format.
  • Gain transparency with data visualization by incorporating current benchmarks and service level agreements, tracking real-time progress and performance.
  • Visualize and manage key information by using Microsoft SQL reporting services.

Simplify the efforts of business users

  • Guide business users through tasks with step-by-step processing, driving consistent and repeatable performance.
  • Expedite request completion by allowing multiple authorized users to simultaneously execute different tasks within the same ticket.
  • Automate manual tasks by configuring the system to use rules to auto-select the appropriate result based on business conditions defined by your financial institution.
  • Assign tasks that can be worked in parallel, and manually or automatically automate task assignment to multiple  queues behind the scenes.
  • Notify employees of new assigned tasks with queues, views and automatic email notifications.

Optimize business communications

  • Ensure timely completion of requests by assigning an escalation schedule to individual tasks, directing and routing to appropriate staff members and external parties in accordance with internal policies and timelines.
  • Clearly define processes by presenting messages and scripted talking points as the service representative progresses through tasks to ensure complete and consistent communication.
  • Standardize letter templates using Microsoft Word, and leverage mail-merge technology to automate field population and letter generation, and store a complete audit history of letter and email communications.

Effectively manage account holder relationships

  • Access each account holder’s entire portfolio from a single location with person-centric technology, including related accounts and account holders.
  • Dynamically and seamlessly change the direction of a service request by undoing a task when new information becomes available.
  • Handle account holder conversations and changes in real-time with built-in responsive functionality, allowing service professionals to easily evaluate and reset prior tasks and follow detailed “undo” instructions for each task type.
  • Work and assign service tasks and tickets in priority order using queues within the system.







Lexis Nexis – This connector allows users to initiate a real-time skip trace against a particular account and a history of all past skip trace searches are maintained in the system. 

Skip Tracing



Allied CPI 

Allied Solutions – This connector provides integration to Allied Solution’s Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), a solution for managing risk and minimizing administrative hassle associated with tracking insurance on collateralized loans. 




MetaSource – This connector allows documents attached to a loan application to be archived and stored with ApplicationXtender. 

Document Management 



Lexis Nexis – This connector supplies an automated process to send and receive comprehensive bankruptcy data to help minimize risk and maximize collection and recovery efforts. 




BillingTree – This connector provides direct integration to BillingTree’s Payment Suite, allowing users to enter and originate ACH and credit card transactions. 

Payment Processing 



FIS – This connector enables institutions to import additional credit card account information directly into the system. 

Third-Party Credit Cards



Fiserv – This connector allows institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system. 

Third-Party Credit Cards 


Credit Reporting 

Luxor Technologies, Inc. – This connector retrieves and stores credit report information from Experian, Equifax and/or TransUnion through a third-party credit reporting service.

Credit Reporting 


Credit Union Student Choice 

Credit Union Student Choice – This connector allows financial institutions to import student loan data directly into the Collection module, allowing for easy risk management within a single system. 

Third-Party Loan Data


Evans, Simpson & Associates 

Evans, Simpson and Associates, Inc. – This connector provides Temenos customers with real-time access to Evans, Simpson and Associates’ (ESA) suite of insurance products. 




First Data – This connector provides institutions with the ability to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system. 

Third-Party Credit Cards 



FICS – This connector offers financial institutions access to additional mortgage information not offered directly from their core processor. 




NACHA – This connector provides secure and efficient ACH transactions within the system. 

Payment Processing 



PSCU – This connector enables institutions to access additional credit card information for accounts. Users can choose from PSCU’s standard option or their Data eXchange, which offers real-time information. 

Third-Party Credit Cards



SWBC – This connector provides direct integration to SWBC’s Electronic Cash Management Tool (ECM) for highly secure and efficient electronic ACH and Credit Card transactions. 

Payment Processing 


SWBC Insurance 

SWBC – This connector enables institutions to access policy details, create new claims, and track claims for SWBC’s Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI). 





The Members Group – This connector allows institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system. 

Third-Party Credit Cards 



TransUnion – This connector provides users with a secure transfer method for retrieving credit bureau reports through the account servicing solution. 

Credit Reporting



Vantiv – This connector enables institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system. 

Third-Party Credit Cards 



Xpress Data Inc – This connector allows letters to be exported directly to Xpress Data to be produced and delivered. 




The Service module currently interfaces to the companies listed below. In addition, Temenos can work with other companies upon request. Please contact us for additional information.






Jack Henry

  • KeyStone
  • Ultradata
  • IBS
  • Miser
  • Advantage
  • CBS
  • DataSafe
  • DNA
  • Premier
  • Spectrum
  • XP2
  • Symitar Epysis