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Formerly the Akcelerant Framework collection solution

The Collection module is the industry’s leading collection solution with a full-featured risk management application that is the perfect fit for any financial institution interested in reducing delinquency, increasing collections on charged-off loans and streamlining processes like bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession and fraud tracking. 



Increase visibility and understanding of the account holder relationship

  • Person-centric, 360 degree view of the consumer and their accounts
  • Single location for accessing important account details, related accounts and any specialty process cases
  • Use one workflow to manage multiple accounts
  • Configure unique account-specific workspace

Create an environment that supports the way you work

  • Efficiently display important person summary information
  • Control access to screens or workflows based on user or group security
  • Configure fields, field attributes and panels based on account type
  • Drive consistent action throughout the collection process using a powerful workflow engine

Deliver the right information to the right person at the right time

  • Assign and work accounts in priority order using queues
  • Refresh queues anytime, automatically and quickly, with no disruption to collection staff
  • Present messages and scripted talking points throughout the collection process to ensure complete and consistent communication
  • Create queues using any account holder or account data

Independently manage your collection process - no longer rely on IT!

  • Easily build queues, views, reports and letters with unprecedented control
  • Create unlimited custom and calculated fields and use unstructured or structured data collection
  • Customize and run exports required to populate and support external systems
  • Define user permissions for individuals or groups
  • Create dashboards are available for individuals, groups or a combination

Standardize external communication

  • Consolidate the distribution of letters or emails sent per household using multi-account workflow functionality
  • Standardize letter templates using Microsoft Word, and leverage mail merge technology to automate field population and letter generation
  • Store complete history of letter and email communication
  • Send letters and emails as additional reminders to account holders who need to make payments

Handle all specialty processes or cases within a single solution

  • Create state-of-the-art case management processes for REO, bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, fraud, TDR, legal and more
  • Ensure consistent processes using tools such as tasks, workflows, screens and more
  • Automatically assign business tasks which reflect your institution’s operating policies
  • Track activity and gain visibility into case progresses during every stage
  • Access cases through a variety of mediums including queues, dashboards, screens and more

Improve efficiency across collection processes

  • Consolidate, standardize and manage the numerous processes associated with collections in the most efficient and timely manner possible
  • Navigate quickly through workflows using step-by-step processing
  • Collect on all loans, shares and accounts in a single location

Enhance collection strategy with automation

  • Present aggregates or ratios using any account and account holder data such as number of accounts delinquent or total available balances
  • Automatically display important messages to a user after evaluating information regarding the person or their account(s)
  • Use rules in workflows to automate decisions, set the value of another field and capture key information
  • Enhance queuing options by evaluating person-level fields, or compare data across multiple accounts

Visualize and manage key information

  • Empower business users to create and maintain reports through intuitive report editing tools
  • Easily present management with portfolio information through graphs and charts by using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Schedule and deliver real-time reports right to your inbox
  • Automate reports across the enterprise and control security by user or group
  • Use dashboards to measure and track collector performance
  • Track actual results against your key performance indicators in a single location







LexisNexis – This connector allows users to initiate a real-time skip trace against a particular account and a history of all past skip trace searches are maintained in the system.

Skip Tracing 


Allied CPI

Allied Solutions – This connector provides integration to Allied Solution’s Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), a solution for managing risk and minimizing administrative hassle associated with tracking insurance on collateralized loans.




MetaSource – This connector allows documents attached to a loan application to be archived and stored with ApplicationXtender.

Document Management



LexisNexis – This connector supplies an automated process to send and receive comprehensive bankruptcy data to help minimize risk and maximize collection and recovery efforts. 




BillingTree – This connector provides direct integration to BillingTree’s Payment Suite allowing users to enter and originate ACH and credit card transactions.

Payment Processing



FIS – This connector enables institutions to import additional credit card account information directly into the system. 

Third-Party Credit Cards 


Collection Advantage

Experian – This connector is an all-in-one tool offering easy access to credit-based scoring, consumer contact data and analytical services. 



CPI State National

State National Companies – This connector accesses real-time data from State National’s Insurtrak providing seamless integration to CPI data directly within the system allowing an account holder’s insurance status, claim submissions and insurance submission within a single platform. 





Fiserv – This connector allows institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system. 

Third-Party Credit Cards 


Credit Reporting 

Luxor Technologies, Inc. – This connector retrieves and stores credit report information from Experian, Equifax and/or TransUnion through a third-party credit reporting service. 

Credit Reporting 


Credit Solutions 

CU Revest – The Credit Solutions connector by CU Revest allows financial institutions to take advantage of collection services to manage delinquent accounts during pre and post charge off stages. Reduce charge off, lower delinquency and save on internal overhead by using the Credit Solutions connector. 



Credit Union Student Choice 

Credit Union Student Choice – This connector allows financial institutions to import student loan data directly into the Collection module, allowing for easy risk management within a single system. 

Third-Party Loan Data 


CU Recovery 

CU Recovery – The CU Recovery Connector is a fully integrated and streamlined connector that has been a trusted collection partner since 2009; one of the original Collection module outsource partners. Feel confident, knowing your institution’s accounts are being handled by professionals specifically trained to collect on past due accounts. 




Equifax – This connector gives institutions access to Equifax credit bureau reports directly through the system. 

Credit Reporting 


Evans, Simpson & Associates 

Evans, Simpson and Associates, Inc. – This connector provides Temenos customers with real-time access to Evans, Simpson and Associates’ (ESA) suite of insurance products. 




Experian – This connector gives institutions access to Experian credit bureau reports directly through the system. 

Credit Reporting 



First Data – This connector provides institutions with the ability to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system. 

Third-Party Credit Cards 



FICS – This connector offers financial institutions access to additional mortgage information not offered directly from their core processor. 




Genesys – This connector provides a direct integration to Genesys’ on-demand automated voice messaging solution.





GRANT & WEBER – This connector is designed to allow financial institutions to take advantage of the pre-charge off account management and recovery outsourcing services provided by GRANT & WEBER directly through the system. 

Outsourced Collections 





NACHA – This connector provides secure and efficient ACH transactions within the system. 

Payment Processing 



NCCI – This connector provides the ability to submit requests including real-time field calls and property inspections to NCCI in the system. 

Borrower Outreach 




PSCU – This connector enables institutions to access additional credit card information for accounts. Users can choose from PSCU’s standard option or their Data eXchange, which offers real-time information. 

Third-Party Credit Cards 


PSCU TOTALCollections

PSCU – Financial institutions can outsource some or all of their collection activity to PSCU using an automated process fully integrated into the system. 

Outsourced Collections


SWBC AP Account Services 

SWBC – This connector gives institutions the ability to outsource collection calls using SWBC’s AutoPilot Services. 

Outsourced Collections 




SWBC – This connector provides direct integration to SWBC’s Electronic Cash Management Tool (ECM) for highly secure and efficient electronic ACH and Credit Card transactions. 

Payment Processing 


SWBC Insurance 

SWBC – This connector enables institutions to access policy details, create new claims, and track claims for SWBC’s Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI). 



SWBC Loss Mitigation 

SWBC – This connector delivers a unique suite of insurance and collection services, including service requests for asset recovery, repossession, remarketing, and legal, as well as submission and tracking of collateral protection claims. 

Loss Mitigation 


SWBC SureTrack 

SWBC – This connector enables institutions to access policy details, create and track claims, and transmit the loan data file for SWBC’s Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) directly from the system. 




The Members Group – This connector allows institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the platform. 

Third-Party Credit Cards 



TransUnion – This connector provides users with a secure transfer method for retrieving credit bureau reports through the account servicing solution. 

Credit Reporting 



Worldpay – This connector enables institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system. 

Third-Party Credit Cards 



Xpress Data Inc – This connector allows letters to be exported directly to Xpress Data to be produced and delivered. 




The Collection module currently interfaces to the companies listed below. In addition, Temenos can work with other companies upon request. Please contact us for additional information.





Jack Henry

  • Ultradata
  • IBS
  • Miser
  • Advantage
  • CBS
  • DataSafe
  • DNA
  • Premier
  • Spectrum
  • XP2
  • Symitar Epysis