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How do you really engage a customer? Is it the design, use of colour, images, the messaging? It is all of these factors and more. We all know it is all of these factors and more. Customers today are overwhelmed by messaging and information to the point where it becomes merely background noise.

So, how do you engage them in a way that makes them want to listen? The answer is, you make it relevant, dynamic, personal to them and a valued interaction.

Our Real Time Marketing module does just that. It is a fully integrated scalable solution with an embedded CMS capability. It is based on an advanced technology and engagement architecture providing platform independence, real-time interfaces, driven by real-time decisioning delivered through our predictive analytics capability operational efficiency and stringent levels of security. The solution is driven by events and data in real-time to provide timely and relevant offers to customers through any digital channel.
The complete solution provides:

  • A rich customer data model
  • A complete, single marketing catalogue
  • A real-time single decision platform
  • Channel options for delivery of offers and advice.

At Temenos we have identified what we call the Four D’s, or strategies that enable  banks to develop great customer intimacy:

1. Detect:

Capturing real-time events both internally and externally.


2. Decide:

Apply profile-adapted algorithms to choose whether or what to communicate which may be a product offering, service or financial advice.

3. Deliver:

Deciding if and when to deliver an appropriate message and through which channel. This may be via mobile banking app, mobile push notification or social media.

4. Discover:

The single decisioning engine discovers and records the effectiveness and outcome of continually learning adjusting and improving campaign programs developed for each individual or segment of customers.

Engaging your customer in a way that they see is valuable to them is the only way to create the customer intimacy that will help them stay with your bank. Our Real Time Marketing module enables you to build more valuable relationships with your customers.

What's included?

Our digital solution consists of:

  • Real Time Marketing
  • CMS

Why work with us?

We have over 3000 clients to date and global reach which gives us great experience of different integration methods. Our different clients have different needs from which we learn and this is all fed into our digital innovation roadmap, software upgrades and integration processes. Temenos clients benefit from all Temenos clients.

Our experts are on hand to help you