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Accelerate time-to-market of all your products and services across all self-service and assisted channels, and extend your reach to customers using any device, today and in the future.

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Channel solutions issues

Today's customer is connected and mobile. Customers demand speed, choice and convenience in many aspects of their day to day lives, and not least in how they want to manage their finances.

Banking now has to reach out and go to the customer, via multiple channels, and use the experience it provides to differentiate itself in a crowded market of new entrants, non-traditional banks and nimble bank challengers.

Customers want choice in how they bank and want to use whatever channel or device suits them best, at any time. Mobile banking is rapidly becoming the preferred channel of choice for many customers, not just in retail, but also corporate customers and investors. As devices continue to emerge, customer expectations will continue to increase in line with technological advancement and innovation. There are also opportunities for more traditional channels, such as the branch, to transform through digital enablement and provide added value to the customer and further competitive differentiation for the bank.

Banks need to revisit their business models and the underlying technologies if they are to achieve digitization. To remain competitive, they need to continue to keep up with the pace of innovation and deliver tailored banking products and services across all channels with a superior User Experience (UX), optimized for any device.

Key challenges

  • Evolving customer demands and expectations
  • Consistent UX across multiple channels
  • The shift to mobile banking and digital banking
  • Speed to market
  • Branch transformation

How our solution helps

Temenos' ground breaking Channels solutions enable you to deliver products and services for any business line, across all self-service and assisted channels, for both bank staff and customers, in any language and optimized for any device. Temenos is the only provider currently in the marketplace that can deliver all of this from a single user experience platform (UXP).

With Temenos you can extend your reach to customers using any device, now and in the future.

You can support branch transformation as branches look to become more customer engagement focused with self-service kiosks and face to face financial advisors. Your contact centres will be able to leverage digital technologies such as social media, video, chat and instant messenger as emerging channels for providing customer service and support, all from a single platform.

A dynamic, rich UX responsive design is delivered, providing consistency across all channels. You will provide choice and convenience to your customers and the optimum user experience, whatever channel or device they choose to use at that time.

Temenos Channel Solutions offer:

  • A single, consistent UXP reducing complexity and improving productivity
  • Accelerating speed to market of new products and services by up to 4 times
  • Using components to providing maximum business reuse and business agility
  • An underlying UXP that can be extended across the enterprise, reducing total cost of ownership
  • Seamless integration to Temenos Core Banking with open integration to 3rd party systems and applications
  • Maximum flexibility and agility to respond to market opportunities and changing conditions, by being highly customizable and configurable
  • Being future-proofed to embrace new innovative technologies and devices, thereby protecting your investment
  • Low total cost of ownership and reduced maintenance costs by up to 95%

What's included

Pre-packaged, multi-channel, regional and vertical solutions are available, ensuring rapid deployment and speed to market. The solutions are seamlessly integrated into Temenos Core Banking and encompass rich, domain-specific functionality, whilst providing an optimum user experience. The solutions include:

  • Internet Banking for Retail
  • Internet Banking for Wealth
  • Internet Banking for Corporate
  • Mobile Banking for Retail

All solutions are easily customised for specific functional requirements. Also, common business processes, known as components, can add enhanced functionality to your solution and can be used across all verticals. This enables maximum business reuse, reduces maintenance costs, increases speed to market and ensures best practices are applied across the enterprise.

The underlying UXP provides a Runtime Environment that guarantees:

  • X-browser support
  • Enterprise scalability
  • High levels of performance
  • Stringent security adhering to OWASP standards

The dynamic and flexible UXP design environment enables:

  • Solutions to be highly configurable using an easy to use, zero-code environment
  • The separation of presentation, process, data and integration layers enabling maximum business agility and speed to market across multiple channels
  • A single process to be published many times enabling a differentiated UX for multiple customer segments and brands
  • Integration to technologies such as Personal Finance Management (PFM), Widgets, Analytics and Social Media to enrich the UX and provide competitor differentiation
  • Marketing to be empowered with the ability to enhance and customize the UX in response to new opportunities
  • The rapid development of additional high performing, multi-device hybrid apps that look and feel like native using our exceptional SmartHybrid™ technology

Temenos Channels Solutions provide everything you need from one platform to provide your customers of today, and the future, with choice in how they bank and engage with you, whilst providing an exceptional, consistent user experience, whatever channel or device they choose to use.

How it's delivered

Temenos deliver solutions that are open, extensible, upgradeable, scalable and high performance, protecting your investment for the future.

Channel solutions are built on our mature, proven UXP. The UXP is decoupled from the core systems so that it can be upgraded and enhanced without impacting any backend business processes. The UXP has a solid future roadmap, so by investing with Temenos you will benefit from the fast pace of development and innovation in UX and digital technologies. The solutions are fully integrated with Temenos Core Banking, and form the basis of our 'Experience Driven Banking' solution when integrated with Analytics and Reporting modules.
Channel solutions can:

  • Run on a wide range of stacks
  • Run in any application server
  • Be delivered in a multi-tenant or cloud-based set-up
  • Provide you with complete choice and flexibility

We work with a global network of leading business, technology and services partners, as well as leading UX and digital design agencies, to reduce implementation risk, enable a faster time-to-market and continue innovation.

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Temenos’ ground breaking channels solutions enable you to deliver products and services for any business line


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