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In a data driven world, analytics and a single customer view are central to digital banking. There is no truly digital bank without data.

For banks to succeed in this digital era, they must exploit this data to enable them to drive customer-centricity, product innovation, competitor differentiation, profitable growth and crucial strategic decision making about the future of their organisation.

Temenos Infinity empowers users to self-serve with access to a single version of the truth, driving smarter decision making and delivering insights to improve customer conversion rates.

Key challenges

  • Overcoming data silos
  • Increasing volumes and varieties of data
  • Data accuracy
  • Right information, right time, right place

What’s included?

API Services

Publish analytical APIs using no code and make this data securely available to any consuming application.

Digital Analytics

For clients that have purchased Real-Time Marketing this application integrates data from Core Banking in near real-time providing immediate and continuous monitoring of their digital campaigns.

Embedded Analytics

Enable a 360-degree single view of the customer empowering your front line staff to recommend relevant offers and advice, increasing cross selling and quality of service.

Predictive Analytics

The predictive analytics platform provides data discovery, data mining and predictive modelling capabilities. Also available are modules for Next Best Product, Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Attrition.

Customer Profitability

Out-of-the-box add-on modules focused on customer profitability calculations which includes funds transfer pricing and activity based costing modules.

How it’s delivered?

With an extensive set of regional partners and 5 global Integration partners in our network, we have experience across many types of financial institutions. Temenos has in-house and partner resources to meet current and expected further growth in demand for our product and related implementations.

Why work with us?

We have over 3000 clients to date and global reach which gives us great experience of different integration methods. Our different clients have different needs from which we learn and this is all fed into our digital innovation roadmap, software upgrades and integration processes. Temenos clients benefit from all Temenos clients.

Our experts are on hand to help you