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Multifonds Global Accounting

Our solution to help improve efficiency

Transform your fund administration activity with sophisticated workflow and production control techniques. Drive dramatic increases in operational efficiency via advanced global operating models and integrated investment book and general ledger capability.

Investment Accounting issues

Never before has the asset management industry been faced with so many drivers for change. Savers are desperately searching for yield in a world of rock-bottom interest rates, and investors now expect record low fees and consistent returns from the same product. Meanwhile, the industry continues to deal with the increased strain of implementing the tsunami of regulation post the financial crisis.

The flight to passive has led to a market where asset managers are having to consolidate to maintain margins and are rapidly being polarised into big, trusted brands and niche specialists. The convergence of alternative and mutual funds continues as active managers’ performance is put under more scrutiny, forcing them to differentiate further from passive oriented investments.

The industry is responding by focusing on innovation in product design and opening up new markets, investigating how to unlock the potential of the large swathes of data that reside across their extended organisations, and exploring new automation capabilities to transform their operational environment.

How our solution helps

Multifonds Global Accounting allows the consolidation of fragmented legacy systems onto a single, global platform, that uniquely combines sophisticated workflow and production management techniques to drive enhanced automation and efficiency. 

Multifonds Global Accounting is used by the world’s leading fund administrators, asset managers and life and pensions organisations to provide the robust, stable base to support their business, with the flexibility to adapt to ever changing regulations, legislation and client demands. It not only supports traditional and alternative assets across all global jurisdictions on the same platform, but also provides an integrated investment and general ledger capability, supporting the back and middle office with the same underlying engine, data and processes.

" Without the intelligent and modular architecture to support our increased product and asset range, we would never have been able to achieve such significant increases in coverage and efficiency. "

Global Head of Fund Services, Standard Chartered Bank

What’s included

Sophisticated workflow and exception-driven processing

Multifonds Global Accounting workflow and exception-based capabilities enable fundamental improvements to the efficiency of fund operations, letting users improve their own efficiency and service quality, while meeting the tightest NAV and distribution deadlines.

Tailored workflows can be configured to create multiple production lines, each with specific actions, controls, triggers and handoffs to deal with different vehicles, service levels and specific fund requirements. This fundamentally increases levels of automation and straight-through processing. Hundreds of user-configurable rules can be executed against a valuation to check its quality and enable accountants and operational staff to work on an exception basis.Supports both middle office and back office

An integrated investment and general ledger delivers both a flexible, real-time Investment Book of Records (IBOR) to support and provide services to the middle office, and a stable, robust and dependable fund accounting engine to strike NAVs from a single platform.


Reporting and access to data

Reporting flexibility is fundamental to a scalable fund administration business, and is an area that can dramatically lower the costs of servicing clients. Easy access to customisable reports and output in multiple formats can speed up the work of investigating discrepancies and provide a fast response to changing regulatory requirements and client requests.

Combined with real-time data-marts, flexible business intelligence reporting tools and access to data through a dedicated user experience platform, clients and other stakeholders can also unlock their operational data to gain insights and support their digital journey.


Cross asset class and complex fund structures

Multifonds Global Accounting provides cross asset class capabilities for the widest range of fund structures across global jurisdictions. This allows organisations to consolidate their disparate range of fragmented systems and surround technologies onto a single, integrated, global platform.


Wide jurisdictional coverage

The widest range of jurisdictional coverage, supporting multiple accounting and tax methods simultaneously for a single fund/portfolio, and therefore multiple regulatory and tax requirements across the globe. This means that clients can be supported easily as they choose to enter new markets and assets classes.


Single, scalable platform

Multifonds Global Accounting is a single platform developed using leading-edge, industry-standard tools. It has been designed to scale easily as your business grows, dealing with increased volumes of processing and shortening processing timeframes as and when required.


A relentless focus on research and development

At Temenos Multifonds, 75% of our people are in product research and development roles, a higher ratio than our major competitors. As a result, our software gets functionally richer and technologically more advanced every year.

Because we spend over 20,000 days annually on product development, we can help our clients become more flexible, expand their capabilities and grow. The Multifonds Global Accounting product roadmap is continually evolving to align to changing market requirements around the world, and also to our customers’ business requirements in response to their client demands.

How it’s delivered

We bring the scale, expertise and global presence to help clients adapt to change, increase efficiencies and reduce costs, working in partnership to enable them to enter new markets, launch new services and win new business.

We work closely with clients day-to-day, providing expert functional and technical support to ensure they're enjoying maximum operational benefit from using the platform. We follow a structured approach for all implementations, starting with a proof of concept as an important first step to enable clients to fully evaluate the system.

We also support customers at a more strategic level, building a thorough understanding of their business drivers so as to align our product development roadmap with those needs. The roadmap is driven by proactive analysis and investment into strategic product enhancements, as well as specific client requests and new regulatory demands.

Our experts are on hand to help you