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TLC Engine

The complete digital change management platform

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TLC Engine is a digitalized software service that provides Temenos Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), along with official product training material.

TLC Engine is highly configurable, providing a location to record your unique, client specific Business Processes and SOP.  Our Engine tool can intelligently link differing technologies, along with manual business processes to provide a complete solution able to train, test and certify our client’s teams regardless of location or size of implementation. 

TLC Engine can be installed either on premise or within the cloud and is a definitive way for our clients to monitor, control and optimize their Operations, while reducing risk and increasing compliance. Additional benefits include better Customer service and increased employee engagement. 

TLC Engine

An introductory video to the complete digital change management platform

Alongside TLC Engine, our expert training consultancy and change team work alongside our clients to help in shaping their complete learning strategy that will support the knowledge transfer needs for all resources - from project inception to business as usual with your Temenos Products and Technology.

How TLC Engine can help you

TLC Engine Explainer: Risk & Compliance

Can TLC Engine document business processes to support regulatory demands?

TLC Engine Explainer: Technical Knowledge

How can we understand Temenos products and processes?

TLC Engine Explainer: Finance

What will we gain by making the investment in TLC Engine?

TLC Engine Explainer: L&D, HR & Change Management

How do we support and manage the change our people will go through?

TLC Engine Explainer: Operations (Back Office)

Does TLC Engine provide one single, business process solution?

TLC Engine Explainer: Project Resource Upskilling

How can teams rapidly gain Temenos knowledge?


  • TLC Engine comes pre-loaded with simulated Temenos SOP & Business Processes
  • The Engine is used to create client specific end to end business processes & SOP covering all manual and system steps 
  • Our Engine is smart & able to include systems outside of our Temenos products & modules
  • Fully comprehensive method of delivering Training during all stages of a client relationship for all roles involved
  • Able to document & manage specific client & essential regulatory requirements
  • Our sophisticated Analysis module delivers rich Management Information leading to clear ownership for our client teams
  • The Engine allows for the creation of client specific testing & certification programmes
  • Training is provided on how to use the Engine to ensure our clients can become self sufficient

For more details, please contact your Account Manager or the team at [email protected]