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Screen Light

Screening protection for smaller banks 

Screen Light is a specially designed advanced screening solution for smaller institutions which works in conjunction with the Temenos T24 solution. 

Our advanced solution provides financial institutions with one of the most comprehensive customer and transaction screening solutions available today, designed with efficiency at its core. Know Your Customer (KYC) and transaction screening is performed in real time, or in batch, with the fastest performance in the industry.  

Financial Institutions that choose this fully independent, adaptable solution gain from a system that is tuned to identify a broad range of sanctions breaches, while ensuring it’s breadth does not generate a high rate of ‘false positive’ alerts. 

Our intelligent detection engines manage this balance, reducing false positives to give you fast, effective and reliably accurate screening and profiling. 

Screen Light is designed to integrate with the Temenos T24 (T24) solution, saving any complex technical integration. Banks simply select the public watch lists that they need to screen against. As a fully integrated component of T24, the screening process is seamless enabling you to instantly screen as part of your customer on-boarding and payment processes. 

Alerts are incorporated into your existing T24 workflow and full data analytics are provided within T24 reporting. Screen Light has been designed solely for T24 banks, providing you with the most effective out-of-the-box screening functionality. 

Screen Light enables you to benefit from the most comprehensive sanctions and embargo watch list screening system available. Supporting 64bits, it can also handle massive data files.  

Web-enabled, Temenos customers benefit from: 

  • Real-time or batch processing and detection engines that are accurate, fast, easy to configure and simple to use
  • A solution that suits your needs, from a cost effective watch list screening solution to a more comprehensive screening, profiling and case management solution
  • Full integration with your core banking or payments system, flexible configuration and high performance with independently recognized speed and precision
  • The lowest rate of ‘false positive’ alerts in the industry; without compromising your screening detection rates.  Ensured through the use of safe and accurate algorithms and the ability to use additional information
  • A smarter approach; increasing efficiency, mitigating risk, saving time and lowering data mining costs for enhanced decision making and improved collaboration

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