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A standalone solution for larger financial institutions

Web-enabled, Temenos customers benefit from:

  • Real-time processing and detection engines that are accurate, fast, easy to configure and simple to use
  • Part of solution that suits your needs, anything from a cost effective watch list screening solution to a more comprehensive screening, profiling and case management solution
  • Full integration with your core banking or payments system, flexible configuration and high performance with independently recognized speed and precision
  • The lowest rate of ‘false positive’ alerts in the industry; without compromising your screening detection rates.  Ensured through the use of safe and accurate algorithms

Case Study - UBS

Message booking and screening improves compliance for UBS and lowers total cost of ownership.

Download case study
  • smarter approach; increasing efficiency, mitigating risk, saving time and lowering data mining costs for enhanced decision making and improved collaboration
  • Supporting regulatory compliance, full support of the 7th Special Recommendation of European Directive, plus triggering alerts on missing mandatory information
  • Automatic evaluation - extremely versatile, rule based, it provides an initial evaluation which includes details to enable a full understanding    
  • Enhanced Recognition Module (ERM), supporting features related to “fuzzy matching” or “Relaxed Pattern Matching”
  • Full UTF-8 support, natively handling lists and messages, providing complete, full support of any languages/scripts including native support for non-Latin scripts or all alphabets
  • High Value Payments - simply handled

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