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Fintech Line up


Automic - Yucem Cagdar, Presales Manager,AbdulRahman Mahgoub, Senior Account Manager

Let’s Automate Your Business

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, reduce time to market or breaking down the silos of IT automation, Automic automates business processes, applications and infrastructure—regardless of complexity or location; on-premise or in the cloud.

At Automic our vision is simple.

We help companies deliver their big ideas and stay competitive by automating day to day business processes. Our goal is to automate billions of tasks across millions of apps and servers and complete them in record-breaking time, to free up the best and brightest. We ensure businesses have the best opportunity to meet the demands of today’s consumer and fast-paced digital world.

Direct Verify Commercial Information Services LLC

Direct Verify Commercial Information Services LLC - Avira Tharakan, CEO

Identity and credential management is now a mandate in all domains we operate. Proving our awards and achievements and in most cases “who you are” is getting difficult because of the paperwork involved. We have all been victims of paperwork while applying for a sim card, opening a bank account, applying for a visa, trade documents during export etc. This hassle provides fraudsters to create a duplicate identity of innocent people and cause an opportunity to be lost for genuine candidates.

Docswallet enables users to get digitally certified copies of documents in Blockchain from their official sources, store and organise them in a locker, and submit them as required.
The introduction of the Docswallet ‘Digitally certified documents on blockchain’ is as much about protecting the privacy of users as it is about strengthening the integrity of the document authentication process

Electronic Identification

Electronic Identification - Iván Nabalón, CEO


VideoID is a solution combining video in streaming + Artificial intelligence. It enables financial institutions to identify customers remotely in real-time, with the same level of technical security and legal compliance as face-to-face identification.




Murabaha Capital

Murabaha Capital - Abbas Hijazi, Founder, Amit Talgeri, CEO

Murabaha Capital envisioned such a platform that could address the funding needs of SMEs, invoice financing and consumers. Such a platform could simplify the process for both lenders and borrowers and enable the latter to showcase their growth, portfolio and financial health to multiple investors at the same time without having to chase them. This could mitigate the complex, time-consuming process for lenders as well as the borrowers. Cloud-based unique user experience is specifically designed to handle the complexities of managing the entire online marketplace loan cycle from online origination, loan fractionalization, servicing and managing multiple investor portfolios.

National Data Consultant

National Data Consultant - Qazi Sadaan, Solution Architect, Taj Amin, Product Manager

National Data Consultant (pvt) Ltd (“NDC Tech”) is an award winning partner of Temenos providing services and innovations to financial institutes and banks.  We deliver transformational services including Consulting on best practices, Implementation, Upgrade, Support and Training of Temenos and other Partner solutions. We collaborate with our customers in MEA to enhance their digital capabilities and solve their toughest challenges by driving innovations to create new products and business models.   Our expertise and experience is in the areas of Conventional Banking, Islamic Banking, Central Banking, Microfinance Banking, Investment Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutes. For more information, please visit our website.


Neumann  - Ray Kattar, CEO 


Armed with 23 data scientists and engineers, and after years in the development, Neumann released its AI platform on which it built sector specific Enterprise Solutions. Financial Services and Retail were the early adopters of such offers, followed by Security, and now Telecom. Thanks to its proprietary knowhow and technologies, Neumann makes the below accessible to all marketers and decision makers across the corporation.

  • Behavioral Pairing

  • Responsive Merchandising

  • Micro-Moments Dynamic Relationships

  • Preferences Prediction and Experiences Recalibration.

Neumann key players: Ray Kattar, CEO, Experience: Technology Management: 28 years; Number of Startups: 8 ;AI: 17 years; US/Canada: 23 years; Europe/GCC: 7 years; Paul Tauk, Founder and CTO Experience: Technology Management: 25 years ; Number of Startups: 3; AI: 10 years; Europe/GCC: 7 years

TicknPay Technology Europe Limited

TicknPay Technology Europe Limited - Julian Little, CEO

TicknPay’s unique payment management platform embeds financial services within a highly useful and sticky app that generates significant data and perfectly complements banks seeking to expand SME lending and commercial payments while managing risk. 

TicknPay leverages powerful current Gen X trends in mobility, instant messaging and workflows, real-time “anywhere / anytime” controls and no paper forms to make operational purchases faster, easier and more secure for SME owners, managers and staff.

Our focus is to collaborate with partners to create large-scale programs through licensing TicknPay to banks as an off-the-shelf cutting-edge SME fintech offer in developed / developing regions.


 Stock Company established in Egypt that focuses on FinTech solutions that provide financial awareness/education along with promoting and helping governments achieve financial inclusion initiatives.

The team members have graduated from AUC Venture Lab and are currently incubated in Flat6Labs Cairo.

7aweshly App has been the company's first product and is focusing on Egypt population. 7Centies is a sister App that is targeting MEA region. Both products promotes “saving culture” and provide a micro-saving tool to help people commit to saving journey to achieve their goal.

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