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Bank of the Future Forum 2017

14 November 2017

Movenpick Hotel - (view map)

Keeping along with the tradition every year we take great pleasure in inviting you to the NDC TEMENOS Bank of the Future Forum 2017. The event will be held at the Movenpick Hotel in Karachi on Tuesday, 14th November, 2017.

This year we are planning to enlighten you on a variety of topics under a broader "Digital Marketplace" umbrella. This will include intuitive sessions from how technology is reshaping the banking industry to how artificial intelligence and robotics can enrich our expertise in different areas. Through this event we also seek to reunite industry experts, prospective and existing customers and various partners both locally and internationally. We believe that this forum can go a long way in establishing valuable relationships.

As we all know this recent digitization is rewriting the rules of competition and to be able to survive one needs to be upgraded on its set of innovation accelerators continuously to foster effective change. From your end this forum can be a valuable opportunity to understand different global perspectives and how these innovations can be linked with your own in-house digital strategy. Furthermore, it will also provide you with in-depth insights about various market trends and advances and how the Temenos Offerings can play its part in achieving them. To experience all of this and much more Bank of the Future Forum 2017 will be your one stop destination.


To register please email:

Farah Sattar

Marketing Manager | NDC


Tel: +92 21 3524 5356

Mob: +92 304 221 2229