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Fintech line up

Confinale AG

reclaimer® - Marko Peric, Lead Developer

reclaimer® is a product of Confinale. Confinale is a Swiss IT consulting and software development company that specialises in digitalisation projects for the banking sector. Thereby we focus on the fields of taxes, compliance and wealth management. We find solutions for current and future challenges either by implementing new functionalities in existing core banking systems, or by developing new applications like the reclaimer. Founded in 2012, our team now consists of more than 50 employees with offices in Zug and Zurich.


Duco Cube - Christian Nentwich, CEO

Duco provides self-service data engineering in the cloud. We empower users to normalize, validate and reconcile any type of data on demand. New clients are live in 24 hours, with results in 7 days and tangible business value in 30 days. Our customers include international banks, brokers, exchanges, asset managers, hedge funds, administrators, service providers and corporates. Headquartered in London, with offices in New York and Luxembourg, Duco serves clients throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and Australasia.


Enforcd EDB & Teamwork - Jane Walshe, CEO

Set up by a team of industry professionals and technologists with experience in regulation, compliance, law, operations, trading, market data, databases and machine learning spanning 20 plus years each (at the FCA, JP Morgan, UBS, Thomson Reuters), the power of Enforcd has been recognised by many.

Enforcd uses global regulatory enforcement data, related news and insights to help firms identify, manage and mitigate the conduct risks they face daily. Pinning down what 'culture' means, and more significantly how a firm can evidence to its regulators that they have the right culture, is difficult. Enforcd can help by enabling quick and easy identification of regulatory action taken, organised by theme, company and breach. It can help firms improve client outcomes and their internal culture. The data could also be used to model elements of operational risk for the regulatory capital requirement.


..."is an important input to financial firms' overall compliance programmes." ..."is intuitive, user-friendly, and could be used as a training aid for a wider population of staff." ..."can facilitate compliance and the development of best practice." - The Bank of England - Bert Boerman, CEO gives regulated companies total control of their processes, by turning complex and unorganized data into easily accessible information. The platform connects data across the organization, links the data to the underlying documentation and enables collaboration through structured workflows. It also allows management of meetings and due diligence processes. partners provide advisory services and regulatory content directly on clients' on-premise servers, freeing them up to focus on their core business while remaining regulatory compliant.

Quantifai SARL

The Quantifai Benchmark - Ronen Even Tzur - Managing Director, Martin Rosenbaum - Marketing & Sales Manager

Quantifai was founded with the vision of leveraging the advances in technology and information flows to build trading systems, platforms and solutions to identify and capture value in the world's markets.

Our current focus is on a reliable solution to outperform indices without taking excessive risk. While being initially operational on the Euro Stoxx 50, it's built to work on any index with a liquid options market.

Quantifai looks forward to testing this solution in the coming months


ume_kyd - Laurent Denayer, CEO

ume ('you-me') has received the award of Luxembourg Best Fintech Startup in 2017.

ume has been designed to respond to the asset management industry demands for an effective automated solution for the due diligence of fund distributors.

ume delivers an innovative utility platform of exchange of information between fund distributors and management companies / global distributors.

ume provides also a robust and consistent framework for identifying, benchmarking and selecting fund distributors (Trip Advisor like for fund distribution).

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