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Fintech line up

Avenir Digital

Avenir Banking BOT - Mondweep Chakravorty, Head of Digital

Avenir Digital blends deep learning and artificial intelligence to develop bots that deliver the most human-like customer service operations to achieve context and intent, and executing processes within the back office to fulfill requests.

The bots analyze incoming queries and messages, predict metadata, retrieve required information, route complex calls to humans, and provide customers with accurate suggestions and automated responses.

Avenir uses an intuitive web-based tool to design, develop, test, and deploy smart chatbots that are scalable and repeatable, and without the need for code, custom software, server space or changes to your infrastructure.


ComplyAdvantage Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Screening & Monitoring Solution - Ben Jafari, Senior Commercial Manager

ComplyAdvantage helps firms make intelligent choices when complying with regulations relating to sanctions, money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing (CFT).

They use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to produce higher quality AML risk data on individuals, organizations and associated entities. Their solutions enable companies to improve how they onboard and monitor clients, screen payments and monitor transactions by reducing false positives and speeding up processes, all delivered by flexible modern APIs.

Founded in 2014 with offices in London, UK and New York, USA ComplyAdvantage works globally with some 250 firms in the financial markets and other regulated high-risk sectors.


cashDirector - virtual CFO for SMEs -  Rafal Strzelecki, CEO, Robert Kaliszuk, CTO

cyberProductivity SA is the technology company providing banks with white label accounting pltforms for SME clients. Available as an addon to the existing online banking. Integrated with core banking system and RTM/CRM engines, increases SME clients profitabilty, boosts new business acquisition. Makes banking offer more sticky, increasing clients loyalty.


Cygnetise - Steve Pomfret, CEO

Cygnetise are leading the wave of practical blockchain applications in the enterprise space. Working with large investment banks, hedge funds as well as legal firms, we are deploying a unique solution for authorised signatory lists. The live application is a digital platform built to help organisations maintain and distribute their authorised signatory lists (ASL) in a more secure, efficient and auditable manner. Utilizing blockchain technology, the platform alleviates the pain associated with managing ASLs through its intuitive peer to peer network. The issues with managing ASLs accumulate around the excessive amount of time spent creating, reviewing, updating and distributing them.


XOR Secret Computing™ Engine - Jordan Brandt, CEO and Co-founder

Inpher is a veteran team of cryptographers and computer scientists who believe that privacy and security are foundational for the future of Computing and AI. Inpher has developed advanced cryptographic Secret Computing™ technology for secure, privacy-preserving analytics and machine learning applications. Fortune 100 Financial Services companies are using the XOR platform to train models with sensitive data, achieve GDPR compliant processing and zero-knowledge cloud computing across organizations and jurisdictions, as well as the monetization of insights without revealing sensitive data.


Priviti - Dave Cunningham, CEO

Priviti is a dynamic consent management solution to power ecosystem innovation for financial institutions and payment service providers. We provide a complete PSD2 and GDPR-compliant solution to ensure consumer consent for data sharing is securely obtained, matched and verified and consumer credentials are never shared, stored or monetised, empowering you to innovate with third party providers and harness the opportunity of Open Banking and digital marketplaces.

Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger - Peter Reading, Co-founder and CEO, Laurent Guyot, CFO

Qwil Messenger is a highly secure and compliant, multi-tenant instant messaging platform designed for professional firms and their clients. We are cloud native, but support both public and private cloud hosting requirements, anywhere. Our product is engineered from the ground up to ensure each user's identity is verified & trusted, their privacy maintained, and business data is kept secure and protected in line with regulatory requirements (including MifID II & GDPR). It is also functionally rich and works just like social chat platforms and provides all the benefits of the world's most popular form of communication.


RSRCHX - Vicky Sanders, co-CEO, Jeremy Davies, co-CEO

RSRCHXchange is the award winning MiFID II research marketplace and aggregator. A one-stop-shop for institutional research, our award-winning RSRCHX platform helps more than 1,200 of the world's leading investment management firms managing >$40trn in assets collectively and over 330 global banks, regional brokers and independent research providers to better consume and distribute research. We're leading the way with a differentiating marketplace where research reports and subscriptions are easily bought and sold. As an aggregator, RSRCHX is a technology-led virtual library that enables asset managers to better discover, read and evaluate research.


One API for eTrading - Steve Toland, TransFICC

TransFICC provides an eTrading solution for Banks and Asset Managers who trade in the Fixed Income markets. TransFICC helps address issues of Speed of Technology, Fragmentation of Trading Venues and Regulation. We help solve these issues by : One API. TransFICC will translate all the 200 Execution Venue API's to a single API saving 1,000's hours of coding, testing time.

Fast, scalable technology so the Bank/Asset Manager can keep up with price updates and not get beaten to best deals by hi freq trading firms.

Normalising price/order timestamps to the milli second level according to when they arrive at Bank/Asset Manager. This provides an audit trail for Best Execution.

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