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Fintech line up

Assure Hedge

Assure Hedge - Barry McCarthy, CEO, Graham Carrick, CCO

Assure Hedge democratises foreign currency hedging through unique proprietary regulated technology.

Current forex hedging methods available are slow, inflexible and antiquated and therefore, most businesses exposed to FX risk remain unprotected. By utilising smart algorithms, Assure Hedge makes it easy to conduct international business across borders by providing a simple online front-end solution for businesses and high net-worth individuals to protect against currency losses. Assure Hedge's core digital platform has been operating in a regulated environment as of the September 2017 and is currently onboarding customers and building partnerships in preparation for our exiting the FCA Sandbox in March 2018

Belleron BV

CAPTURE® - Sebastian Kuntz, Board member and Business Development, Bas Uildriks, Chief Operational Officer


The 25 people experienced Belleron team, helps fight large-scale, difficult-to-detect banking attacks and helps dealing with the unknown Open Innovation Threats, emerging from PSD2 and Open Banking.

CAPTURE® - an intelligent defense system for banks - senses and monitors millions of transactions, variables and trends in real-time and analyses how they interact and correlate. With Machine Learning models trained in the actual field. The models oversee the bank's complete ecosystem from a top down perspective and provides real time insights when an attack unfolds. Next to that CAPTURE® provides a managed response based on the attacks characteristics keeping the bank open when under attack.


Boxever OneView, Engage and Explore - Alan Giles, CTO & Co-Founder, Paul Murrell, Client Solutions Director

In this increasingly digital world, customers are demanding more from their banks than ever before. They're looking for a connection, and simply won't engage without it.

In the dynamic, competitive world of financial services, a trusted relationship is the difference between revenue growth and a closed account. Banks have to deliver.

That's where Boxever comes in. Our platform unleashes the power of all your data, delivering a new level of customer insight and empowering engagement through consistent, personalized experiences across all channels.

The result? The 'connection' your customers are after – and increased acquisition, satisfaction and loyalty.


A.I. Image Analytics Platform - Stefan Tan

Dashmote is an A.I. Image Analytic Platform that "turns images into insights". They help identify trends and other consumer insights, increasing brand performance in both product development and marketing. Dashmote is already working successfully with brands such as Unilever, Heineken, Coca-Cola and Philips across the EU and US.

Enterprise Bot

Banking Bot - Huub Ramakers - Head of Operations (NL)

Enterprise Bot makes customer service bots that communicate in natural language and understand users'​ requirements. Our solution drastically reduces contact center costs, is able to generate leads, can provide valuable insights from data and enhances customer satisfaction.

Entersekt Europe

Connekt - Simon Rodway, Pre-Sales Solution Consultant

Entersekt challenges the widely-held assumption that security and convenient access stand in opposition to each other. We design mobile security and user authentication solutions that comply with the world's most stringent regulations while simultaneously enabling a superior user experience.


Finbotx Economic Scenario Generator - Bart Koolhaas, co-founder

Finbotx has been founded by senior professionals with backgrounds in Wealth Management, Private Banking, Risk Management, Quantitative Finance and academics. In an industry traditionally dominated by a few large players offering black-box solutions at eye-watering prices, there is a firm belief amongst the Finbotx founders that modern technology can unlock the world's most advanced quantitative models in a flexible, transparent way at a fair price. Together with the department of Quantitative Finance of the VU University in Amsterdam, we have developed a state of the art and fully flexible API which can be easily integrated in various applications of banks, pension funds and asset/wealth managers.


Quasar - blockchain payment infrastructure designed for IoT - Bjorn Wamelink (Digital Marketing Director a.i.)

Quantoz is a software development company founded in 2014. We focus on creating cloud services that help businesses make use of the disruptive blockchain technology.

In an era of increasing digitisation we believe that the technology of encoding ownership can be applied for many purposes. Not only will a global cryptocurrency ecosystem transform our payment markets, blockchain technology will further enhance transition to technology-driven networks, unbundling and increasing connections among people and machines.

With Quasar, one of our core products, we want to create this vision. Quasar is a blockchain infrastructure that enables payments between businesses, people and machines.

SensiPass Ltd.

SensiQR - Mike Hill, Founder/CEO

Identity theft and employee accountability continue to present significant risks to financial institutions. Unfortunately, most user authentication systems are authenticating credentials, and not really people, contributing to most security problems being faced today.

SensiPass is a patented multifactor authentication product that improves the efficacy of any biometric technology by as much as 300%. We can provide secure access to mobile apps or web apps, desktop browsers or for physical access, all with the same ID system. Furthermore, as our unique login cannot be stolen or shared, SensiPass is not vulnerable to replay attacks and effectively eliminates insider threats.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, SensiPass improves digital identity by making it interactive, and more human.

Software Group

Alexa for T24 - Oskar Himmelreich, Team Lead, Twan Burghouts, Platform & Process Manager

Software Group is a global technology company that is specialized in delivery channel and integration solutions for institutions that provide financial services. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, it currently serves a worldwide client base in more than 65 countries from 9 regional offices located in Australia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines and the USA.

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