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TCF 2018 - Digital to the Core

22-24 May

The Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) - (view map)

Save the date! TCF 2018: 22 - 24 May

Digital to the Core - Dublin

Every year, Temenos organizes its annual global event called Temenos Community Forum. This event is attended by senior executives of more than 1,200 banks, financial institutions (including start-ups), investors, analysts and media globally. It is a platform were we encourage dialog amongst these different parties about the future of banking, addressing the increased pressures that banks experience when it comes to maintaining customer loyalty while adhering to the requirements from the regulators. In its 19th year, it has become one of the largest banking and financial conferences in the world.

This year we are were pleased to welcome 1,200 key banking decision makers to Dublin to discuss the future of Fintech and digital banking.

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Why come to TCF?

TCF 2018 - Digital to the core

  • Access the latest research and learn what is changing in the industry – hear from over 30 industry experts on the latest trends in the industry. We will also be releasing our annual flagship banking survey in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit.
  • Share ideas and hear client success stories – over 1,000 banks and financial institutions from a wide cross-section of regions and segments will be sharing their challenges and we will have over 25 client success story presentations.
  • Learn about our products - through plenary presentations, live demo's and over 30 breakout sessions, you will get a detailed overview of the product roadmap as well as first-hand stories of how banks and financial institutions are becoming truly digital.
  • Engage with our executives – meet senior management from across the company, along with experts from our different businesses and product areas.
  • Meet our ecosystem of partners– representatives from our Temenos ecosystem will be present and showcasing their solutions including over 50 marketplace providers.

Digital to the Core

Every bank and financial institution, of any size, anywhere in the world, exists in the midst of a digital revolution. Digitization is no longer a 'nice to have' and is instead the very essence of customer experience and therefore business health.

There are many ways and no shortage of opinions on how to become digital and the journey in many cases will be painful. Every executive must make major strategic choices, which will have implications on their business models and technology.

To realize your true potential, all banks and financial institutions must be DIGITAL TO THE CORE.

  • Satisfy your customers with consistent, personalized, instant and integrated experiences across all products, on all channels, anytime and anywhere;
  • Replace a patchwork of legacy systems with end-to-end, fully integrated and open digital banking software;
  • Drive cost-efficiencies, error-reduction and increase the speed to bring new products to market that are not only inevitable, but essential to your competitive edge;
  • Accelerate into an era of open banking where you can collaborate with an ecosystem of third parties to add more value to your customers lives.
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