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NextGen Banking Nordics

20th November 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

NextGen Banking Nordics is in Stockholm for a one-day event bringing together industry leaders in digital banking, payments and innovation.

NextGen Banking Nordics 2018 will bring to the table topics for discussion ranging from digital identity and cultural transformation, AI implementation, fintech and bank partnering, and increased collaboration in the banking sector- particularly in the Nordics. Real time payments and open banking will resonate throughout the debates as these are adding momentum to the driving change. Banks are under pressure to transform and maximise technology implementation to keep up with the ever-evolving customer experience ideal.

  • What should come first when defining your business model- technological expertise or organisational cultural vision?
  • Should digital identity strategy be at the forefront of a financial organisation’s strategy?
  • What benefits can payment systems transformation or harmonisation yield?
  • Will the customer forego frictionless user experience for the sake of security, or is compromise not necessary?

Join us for the day to hear experts debate these topics and more in depth and to network with industry peers and colleagues.

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