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eSignatures Transform Your Business Webinar

28 September 2017

Technology evolution combined with dynamic online retail experiences are setting the bar higher when it comes to what, and how, consumers expect when conducting banking transactions. The bank or credit union “down the street” may no longer be your competition. By optimizing your online experience you may be the one setting the bar.

Due to new and rapidly escalating consumer expectations, many financial institutions are moving to enhance their consumer experiences and digital online capabilities. Yet many have overlooked the importance eSignatures deliver when formulating a comprehensive digital strategy. Join Temenos and IMM to learn more about the value and benefits eSignature technology can provide to your account holders, and financial institution. Key topics that will be covered in this educational webinar are:

  • How the consumer expectations are rapidly evolving and the inevitable impact it can have on your financial institution
  • Where eSignatures can be used across the financial institution including real-life case examples
  • What some important considerations are when implementing eSignatures at your financial institution