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2017 HMDA Workshop

5-7 December 2017

Join us for a HMDA Workshop consisting of a three day series of webinars. These webinars will cover the upcoming effective dates, an overview of changes to reporting requirements, data collection requirements and how they will affect you, and different scenarios you may run into with these new HMDA rules.

By joining us for this workshop you will also receive 7.25 CRCM Credits. For more insight into what each day will consist of please visit the website.


Intensive Information Review Package

Day 1 consists of an intensive review of all of the regulatory changes and in-depth explanations of each of the 54 data elements required to be reported beginning January 1, 2018. Visit the website to learn more!

Day 2 will dive deeper into an informative explanation of the new reporting requirements and how all these rule changes will affect you. Visit the website to learn more!

Scenarios Package

Day 3 consists of a three part scenario workshop that will discuss scenarios, Q&A, and demonstrations. Visit the website to learn more!


Package Options

There are three different options when registering for this workshop! You can register for day one and two together, as they go hand in hand and you have the option to register for just day three. We recommend you register for all three as it provides the best option! For more information please visit the website.

NOTE: Once completing registration you will have to provide payment before receiving an email with the correct WebEx links. From there you will then be able to sign up for your respective webinar.