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Market Insight for Universal Banking

33% of millennials believe they won't need a bank at all in 5 years

We think different. Let's make no mistake, the world of banking is changing fast. Changing customer behaviour – led by millennials – is a major factor. As is exponential technology change...

What's New

Shifting Sands: Temenos 8th Annual Survey

Shifting Sands: an industry in transition, moving from its analogue past to its digital future.

Financial Crime Software – a banks secret weapon

As the battle to avoid disintermediation continues, there is no doubt that...

The Bank of 20XX

Ever since cash dispensers became automated teller machines (ATMs) pundits have regularly said...

Branch transformation: biometrics in ATM and mobile banking

Verifying that someone is who they claim to be is a perennial challenge for banks. It spans the...

Temenos’ 7th Annual Survey of the financial services sector

The 2014 Temenos survey canvassed the opinions of global senior bankers covering different areas.

Temenos ‘a leader’ in customer-centric global banking platforms

Temenos has been ranked as ‘a leader’ by independent analyst firm Forrester in its August report.

Reduce development & maintenance costs of web and mobile applications by up to 85% with edgeConnect

This Ovum produced white paper will provide an insight into the key business and technology drivers

Succeeding through the digital revolution

The biggest imperative for banks to succeed through the digital revolution is to accept that the...

Overcoming the UX challenge - is build or buy better?

This white paper highlights the key issues that a financial institution should consider when...

Bridging the profitability gap

What can banks do to reduce the $300bn gap in banking sector profitability?

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