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Market Insight for Retail Banking

Banks are stuck in spaghetti junction

Our Business Solutions Director, Mark Gunning tells Temenos reporter Sophy Buckley why banks' legacy IT systems have become a liability.

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The Rise of the Digital Bank

The Rise of the Digital Bank white paper compiles insight from industry analysts, banks and ind

Fintech start-ups won’t kill banks…

Fintech start-ups won’t kill banks... but ageing IT will.

Can banking reward schemes deliver on their customer loyalty promise?

Reward schemes, a decision driver for consumers to shift their financial services towards retailers.

Introducing Experience Driven Banking

Digitisation is changing financial services, empowering customers and opening up the industry to...

The Rise of the Digital Customer

IDC Financial Insights discusses how new technologies and devices are fundamentally changing...

Priority for retail banks shifts to digital from regulation

Read this exclusive report written by The Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of Temenos.

The kettle is reaching its boiling point

The retail banking landscape is changing. Incumbents are vulnerable.

Restoring Profitability in the Digital Age

Replacing legacy technology can have a material impact on the industry’s profitability.

Retail banking trends in Latin America

Retail banks in Latin America are re-emerging and re-acquiring customers in the fight against...

A Swiss Perspective on Changes in Retail Banking

How regulation, client expectations and technology are transforming retail banking

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