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Debunking the low balance sheet myth

In the digital era, it's the route to customer, not the balance sheet, that matters


Temenos 8th Annual Survey

This year’s survey continues to show an industry in transition: moving from its analogue past to its digital future; shifting its spending priorities from implementing regulation to putting in place the right technology and people for success.


Priority for retail banks shifts to digital from regulation

An expected collapse in retail lenders' profitability requires adapting channels and models to face demands of a digital generation.

A-Z of Banking Fraud

Fraud is big business, costing the banking industry $67 billion per annum, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Experience Driven Banking

Digitisation is changing financial services, empowering customers and opening up the industry to new competitors and business models. But, as well as threats, digitisation also provides opportunities, most notably the chance for banks to recast their customer relationships.

Racing from digital engagement to customer intimacy

Digital disruption is upending established business models across the spectrum, and banking is..

Lessons from Banking Industry Disruptors

Digitization is changing the industry's dynamics. It is opening up banking to new (non-traditional) competitors while handing more power to consumers

In this report, we have interviewed 11 new entrants to the banking industry to understand how they are taking advantage of digitization to launch disruptive new business models.

Restoring Profitability in the Digital Age

Replacing legacy technology can have a material impact on the industry's profitability, but also help it to innovate and stay relevant in the face of growing competition from new entrants.

Global Corporate Treasurer Survey on ePayments

Results from the 2014 Global Corporate Treasurer Survey on ePayments

During September Temenos and IDC Financial Insights undertook a global survey to gather 243 corporate treasurers from the FTSE 500 opinions on their current and future electronic payments requirements.

Read more in this insightful white paper jointly produced by Temenos and Deloitte.

Banking in the cloud: from hype to reality

This white paper outlines why we believe there are compelling reasons to think that all banks will be forced to move their infrastructure to the cloud within the next ten years.

In tech we trust

The EIU surveyed banking executives to investigate their views on the challenges facing retail banks in the years to 2020

The rise of bionic wealth

The future of wealth management is about the successful use of technology but also relationships. Temenos & Forbes Insights surveyed 60+ wealth managers and 35 HNW clients about evolving experiences



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