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Report: Making the Business Case for Payment Transformation

Lessons from the field

The payment industry is undergoing huge change, driving considerable acceleration in IT investment. Factors such as real-time payments and Open Banking mean that payment systems replacement is now a priority for many banks.

However, it's not always straight-forward for banks to capture or visualise all the benefits that can be realised from embarking on a payment transformation initiative. To support banks in building a holistic business case, we recently developed a ROI model for payments transformation. This tool and its accompanying framework (i.e. benefit dimensions and value levers) can help banks to get a clear view of their expected ROI, NPV, and payback period from payment transformation in alignment with their chosen business strategy.

To validate the framework underpinning our ROI model, Ovum undertook a series of interviews with payment leaders at banks to understand how they view their payment operations today, their current and future transformation plans, and how they develop business cases for different approaches.



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