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Expert opinion: AI in payments – beyond the hype

The dynamic panel, included payments leaders from Bank of Ireland, Celent and Microsoft

2017 Transaction Banking Survey

Real-time payments, digital, AI and Open Banking are all the buzz within the corporate banking world

Meet the MarketPlace Podcast Series: Episode Two, Fraud & security

In our networked, digital era the threat of cybercrime is growing exponentially.

AI in payments…

Lets first look at AI's goal - to do what humans do, more efficiently and faster.

Robotics in banking: more Iron Man than Terminator

Talk of robotics ending the world of work as we know can be misleading and disingenuous

A modern solution to the old problem of fraud

The security nirvana of affordable, highly accurate, frictionless user verification is finally here

Time for US banks to embrace real-time payments

When the subject of US banking comes up, Wall Street, innovative multi-billion-dollar deals, and...

Can blockchain really snatch up to 40% of your revenue?

Last year, a blockchain research arm of the South African bank, Rand Merchant Bank's (RMB), stated..

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