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Racing from digital engagement to customer intimacy

Exploring how digital disruption is upending established business models across the spectrum, and banking is no exception. This paper explains how this new, unified approach works

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9th Annual Temenos Survey: Open for Business

Banks ready to embrace open banking as they prepare for looming customer retention battle

Merchant Lending: A Fresh Perspective on Growing Your Account Holder Base

This article investigates methods for cultivating the indirect merchant lending channel.

MX messages: A common language for all

Temenos believes in a connected world. We know that a connected world needs a common language for co

Corporate Treasurers Survey Results

To clearly understand the operational challenges, requirements and future plan of today's...

Extracting value for corporate banks from Blockchain

For corporate banking, Blockchain offers the opportunity for not just survival but for for success

Credit Unions and Millennials: Divided or United?

Credit unions and there a fit?

A-Z of Financial Crime in Africa

The What, Why and How to tackling financial crime in Africa

Understanding today’s Corporate Treasurer

The role of the corporate treasurer, and the banking services they need to meet their...

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