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How regulation, client expectations and technology are transforming retail banking

The future of Retail Banking - Special report

The Economist Intelligence Unit, on behalf of Temenos, surveyed 242 global banking executives to investigate the views of retail banks on the challenges and changes they face in the years to 2020 and how they are responding. 

Respondents were C-suite or board level and senior executives, drawn from across the world. With 13 of the respondents, the EIU carried out in-depth interviews, some global, some regional, some small and tightly focused banks. 

The results have been brought together in a thought provoking paper which captures the issues facing retail banks around the world, from their own unique perspective. 

The paper explores the major changes that need to happen such as regulatory changes – at the forefront of most retail banks’ imminent plans, along with the reality of Return on Equity and the effort to increase customer service and invest in technology at the same time as increase RoE. 

  • What do 70% of respondents agree is the best way to boost revenues?
  • How are banks responding to regulatory change?
  • What are the priorities for digital investment?
  • Are banks worried about competition?
  • What is the future of the branch?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in a unique research paper that captures the issues facing retail banks around the world from their own unique perspective.

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