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Varo Money

Exceeding expectations for flexible banking services with a first-of-a-kind approach

Varo Money is reimagining personal banking. Launched in 2018, the first national mobile-only bank in the USA is on a mission to improve the financial lives of its customers with a unique range of high-yield savings accounts and spend tracking and cashflow management products. To expand its range of services and manage every step of the customer journey, Varo Money will deploy Temenos T24 Transact and Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite running on cloud. Using Temenos tools, the bank will be able to develop new products such as home loans and credit services, simplify compliance with American banking regulations, and scale operations seamlessly as momentum builds behind its unique approach. 

City, Country

San Francisco, California, USA


Temenos T24 Transact, Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite (all on Temenos Cloud)

Banking sector


Varo Money selects Temenos’ digital banking platform to launch new bank in the United States

Varo aims to be one of the first national mobile-only banks in American history

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