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Telia Finance

Delivering a fast, responsive lending service to millions of customers

Part of the Telia Company, one of the leading telcos in Scandinavia, Telia Finance helps 24 million retail and corporate clients purchase mobile phones, laptops and tablets. To drive growth of its customer base and development of new lending products, the finance company will deploy Temenos T24 Transact. The bank is aiming to go live on a single instance of the core banking platform in four key Nordic markets within 12 months. The Temenos platform will enable the company to cut time to market for a range of lending services tailored to customer demand, and will help to accelerate the loan approval process. For example, Telia Finance will be able to complete eligibility checks on handset loans in under a minute, ensuring clients enjoy a first-rate experience.

City, Country

Stockholm, Sweden


Temenos T24 Transact

Banking sector


Telia Finance selects Temenos for its digital banking services

Telia Finance will introduce innovative finance services to its 24 million retail customers

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