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JS Bank

Transforming treasury services with automated, data-driven workflows

Many banks are facing challenges in two key domains. On the one hand, new regulatory requirements are becoming more frequent and stringent—requiring organisations to devote more resources to compliance-related activities. On the other, client expectations around the quality and responsiveness of banking services are increasing rapidly.

To address these imperatives effectively, it is more important than ever for banks to drive efficient, agile operations. As a result, digital transformation is moving to the top of the agenda for financial services organisations around the world.

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Karachi, Pakistan


Temenos T24 Transact, T24 Transact Treasury

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Targeting transformation

Transformation is a key goal for JS Bank, the fastest-growing bank in Pakistan. With 345 branches in 172 cities across Pakistan, the bank employs over 5,000 people and has around US$2.1 billion in assets under management. JS Bank offers a comprehensive range of retail, corporate and wealth management services.

Azhar Khan, Group Head Operations at JS Bank, explains: “In recent years, the regulatory landscape has become increasingly complex, particularly in areas such as capital reporting. At the same time, our corporate clients are demanding faster access to detailed data and insights to drive their decision-making.”

To thrive in an increasingly digital economy, JS Bank set out to enhance its product offering—aiming to deliver market-leading financial solutions and across the board access to competitive products. At the same time, the bank wanted to manage its costs and ensure regulatory compliance. Recognising the need for greater operational flexibility and agility, JS Bank looked for a new solution.

Building on a solid foundation

To drive digital transformation, JS Bank selected T24 Transact Treasury—an integrated, automated platform that helps financial institutions cut time-to-market, increase straight-through processing and contain operational costs.

“We have been using Temenos T24 Transact as our core banking platform for more than a decade now, and our experience with Temenos has been extremely positive,” recalls Azhar Khan. “From the start of our selection process, we decided that we wanted a future-facing treasury platform that would integrate tightly with our core systems—and T24 Transact Treasury met that requirement perfectly.”

“Most importantly, we wanted a platform that would help us drive operational efficiency in the treasury function. T24 Transact Treasury enables near-instant access to insights across all our asset classes, which is a key enabler for high-quality client services and accurate regulatory reporting.”

Deploying digital workflows

Working with a local Temenos partner, JS Bank has successfully deployed T24 Transact Treasury and integrated the new capabilities into its corporate banking workflows.

“Whenever we look for an integration partner, our key criteria are their efficiency, willingness to adapt to our needs, and the quality of post-implementation support,” comments Azhar Khan. “Temenos has a significant partner footprint in Pakistan and the Temenos support team was with us every step of the way during the migration process. Whenever we needed guidance on an issue, we knew that their advice and expertise was only a phone call away. The quality of that support continues to this day, and we are very satisfied with the relationship with Temenos.”

JS Bank

With T24 Treasury powering its processes JS Bank is moving ahead with its digital transformation

Driving efficiency, reducing risk

With T24 Transact Treasury powering its new processes, JS Bank is moving ahead with its digital transformation and introducing higher levels of efficiency into its corporate banking business.

“Information is key and T24 Transact Treasury delivers that data in a timely manner,” states Azhar Khan. “Gaining rapid insight into our assets, liabilities and liquidity means we can make well-informed decisions, faster. As well as helping us to maintain our competitive edge, this speed and precision is an important differentiator for our corporate banking services.”

Shaping award-winning services

Today, JS Bank is using fine-grained insights from T24 Transact Treasury to reduce its exposure to regulatory risk. Higher levels of automation are also enabling the bank to assign resources to value-added activities, helping to reduce operational costs.

Azhar Khan comments: “In 2019, JS Bank was awarded ‘Best Bank for Small Medium Enterprises’ in Asiamoney’s Best Banks Awards for Pakistan, and the enhancements we’ve made to our treasury function using Temenos solutions played an important role in that success.”