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Client Conference | Imagine the Possibilities

By Abby Progin 6 May 2016

As the great Walt Disney once said, "Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever". Another wonderful conference has passed and the attendees were sure to laugh, imagine and dream over the course of their days with us.

Fun…we know fun!

We changed things up this year and ran the conference from sunny Orlando. Attendees expressed nothing but praise about how great the location, staff and events were. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area I was hesitant to see the change, but found it was a nice mix in the geographic landscape. As new and veteran attendees mingled during evening events and networking breaks it was clear that knowledge was flowing. What a fun atmosphere during the opening ceremony with Mike Walsh, the CEO of Tomorrow who addressed the era of distributive technological change and how to address changes in human behavior to cater to the needs of the consumer. Where better to share thought provoking industry practices then over a grand evening event? Additionally, casino night was of epic proportions this year. Attendees were able to network, "gamble" and enjoy their last night of the conference in a fun outdoor atmosphere. We hope that all attendees made every minute count!

Imagine the Possibilities

In staying with the conference theme, Jay Mossman, CEO had encouraged attendees to imagine with us and share these ideas (no matter how big or small) on the imagine wall. A slew of ideas were shared across solutions that will provide us with valuable insight as we move forward. Educational tracks provided hands on labs for our current customers. Just as in years past, the classroom style training format provided immense value to the attendees. In addition to the legacy Collection and Loan Origination tracks, Account Origination and Service as well as Wealth and Compliance held tracks this year and were very well attended.  Attendees were able to see that there is a world of possibilities.

Dream big!

We know our attendees are taking the knowledge learned from the sessions, networking, speakers, exhibitors and user groups and bringing it back to their financial institutions.  We encourage all attendees to use this information to open up doors that may have previously been shut and take your financial institution to the next level.

Just "Imagine the Possibilities".

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