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Increasing ROI through automation efficiency

The Core Banking Group (TCBG)

February 2016

In increasing numbers, financial organisations are seeking enablers for greater efficiency, cost controls, faster time to market, new business models and channels. From the technology fuelled wave of digitalisation to the cost models of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, the market has provided new opportunities for financial organisations to remain both relevant and competitive.

Leverage of those opportunities has proven more challenging than some organisations expected. Many have found significant constraints in managing change on their legacy banking systems landscape. Breaking free of those constraints and the ensuing complexity is now a priority for many financial organisations and is considered essential to enable them to deal with the effects of convergence. This includes competition from new entrants including challenger banks, retailers, telco's and technology companies, to enable retention and growth in market share. The outcome is no longer optional, but a necessity: core banking transformation carries with it a compelling business justification.

Integral to this modernisation and transformation is the capability to manage and assure all change. Change must be controlled and any change must be verified as supporting the business as intended. Change in this context means new and updated software, which comes during the transformation and continues post-live to support the bank's evolution. This means being able to rapidly test new and updated software, not only to assure new functions but to equally assure existing functions are not compromised.

Effective and efficient management and assurance of change throughout the lifecycle fuels the transformation capability. It enables faster, more efficient ROI. And it offers an interesting side-effect: it prevents the new solution from degrading and falling into technical and functional debt; helping prevent the new solution becoming legacy, via controlled revitalisation.

As the global market leader for over 10 years, Temenos has demonstrated its commitment to significant R&D investment. Every Temenos client benefits from advances in core banking technology through a mechanism of Updates and Upgrades. Organisations deploying these changes must manage their test and release as required, but by staying close to the current Temenos release they benefit from the ability to respond rapidly to changing technology and market conditions.

TCBG is a Temenos Complementary Solution Provider (CSP) in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), uniquely for the Temenos platform, for over 10 years. The ALM Suite is designed to manage Change – Test – Release – Operate in a sustainable fashion. Tightly integrated with the Temenos core banking platform, the tools enable clients to streamline complex repetitive tasks such as testing and change management, and hence rapidly drive efficiencies and quality improvement.

The earlier a financial organisation embraces the use of tool-driven streamlining of the Application Lifecycle Management for its core banking system, the sooner it can harvest the ongoing efficiencies, cost benefits and quality advantages, delivering measurable ROI.
The Core Banking Group's ALM Suite supports both technology platforms offered by Temenos. The tools connect out-of-the-box with the Temenos platform and are constantly maintained, closely in-line with Temenos' release policy.

Significant efficiencies can be achieved using TCBG's tools during implementations or upgrades. However, equally beneficial are the effort, time, cost and risk reductions during business-as-usual operations in supporting a client's release policy for the deployment of business or regulatory changes.

Efficiencies achieved by TCBG's clients including BlueShore Financial in Canada and KBC Bank in Ireland include:

  • Up to 90% reduction in effort per Regression Test Cycle
  • Up to 80% reduction in user analysis of Test Results
  • Up to 40% reduction in Test Pack maintenance


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