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The Joy of the Season

By Blair Rugh 21 Dec 2016

Every year in my Christmas message I give myself a little leeway and get away from writing about compliance. Compliance goes with Christmas about the same as a bag of switches and coal. Maybe some way we can use this season of peace and love to begin the healing in our country. It seems like the sole purpose in life for some people is to stir the pot with the most vitriolic language possible. What are we becoming? About half of the country voted for Hillary Clinton and half for Donald Trump. No matter which side of the coin we are on, the Hillary Clinton supporters are not bad people and the Donald Trump supporters are not bad people. They are our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues. Whatever our differences, degrading the other side only makes the situation worse and this time of the year is a great reminder for all of us to be kind to each other.  

Tis the season for caring and giving of yourself. A great challenge for anyone is to select someone and say something kind to them or do something nice for them. If you feel so compelled, let your act of kindness continue on. One act of kindness could change someone's life.

Somewhere in your community there is a homeless family that does not have enough clothes to wear and will not have a decent meal on Christmas. Can you imagine the grief of a family that is forced to live in their car? The despair of a mother or father that can't provide some type home for their children? There is something you can do about this. You may not have the financial resources to resolve that family's problems all by yourself, but maybe your Sunday school class or some other organization that you belong to does. Realize that if a family is homeless and hungry today they will also be homeless and hungry tomorrow and the day after that unless someone intervenes.

All of us at Temenos wish you a happy holidays. We hope that you and your family truly experience the joy of the season remembering that your joy will be measured not by what you receive, but by what you give.

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