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Client Conference | Live from Orlando: a Futurist and a Zombie Apocalypse!

By Kevin Barth 20 Apr 2016

No, these are not the latest and greatest rides at Walt Disney World or Universal Studios… however, these are just two of the great experiences at the 2016 Temenos Educational Client Conference taking place at the Gaylord Palms resort in Orlando, Florida this week.

Those lucky enough to attend this year’s conference had the opportunity to hear two fantastic speakers to enhance their conference experience. Temenos carefully selected keynote and industry speakers that would not only help guide financial institutions into the “new” future of the financial services industry, but also to imagine the possibilities that are out there for them.

First up was Mike Walsh, who was the keynote speaker for the 2016 Temenos Educational Client Conference and a self-described “futurist”. Mike’s message was powerful and quite eye opening. Mike spoke about preparing for the very near future by scanning the horizon for emerging technologies and disruptive shifts in human behavior and then translating these into realistic plans for business transformation. He showed how technology just five years ago was much different than what we currently see on a daily basis (think Uber, Lyft, Airbnb). Mike emphasized that in order to stay above the competition, financial institutions must embrace the future now and partner up with companies that share this forward thinking mentality. This will be the way to survive and thrive in a quickly changing financial services industry.

John Best was an invited industry speaker that spoke to the conference attendees about the importance of big data within their financial institutions. John presented why analytics is not a product, but a discipline to be learned that just might save your institution from the “zombie apocalypse” of outside companies stealing away your account holders and your profits! John also discussed a detailed plan of action that all financial institutions should adopt now to ensure their financial viability.

The above speakers are just a few of the great offerings that the 2016 Temenos Educational Client Conference provided their current and prospective customers. Temenos aligned with Mike and John because they share our vision, as we continuously future-proof our financial software solutions and proactively evolve to meet and exceed industry expectations.

Keep a wide eye out for those zombies by embracing a futurist mentality for your financial institution and your account holder, the livelihood of your credit union or bank may depend on it!

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