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Client Conference | Case Management and the Collection Track

By Temenos reporter 26 Apr 2016

The conference. Ah, yes. I believe that just happened this past week? I’m sitting at my desk for the first time and it is quiet (somewhat) which is almost deafening because it’s a contrast to the constant chatter and excitement surrounding the conference.


So many sessions and tracks! Drinks! Speakers! Food! Drinks! Good conversations! (Did I mention drinks? Just kidding!) It’s a chance to really get yourself out there, and get to know your peers in the industry, collaborate, deliberate, share ideas, brainstorm, hone and exercise more of your Lifecycle Management Suite skills and maybe even learn something new in a different industry to take back home with you.


And really, how could you not? I had a chance to sit in on the Advanced Collection track where Ted Desmond, Senior Project Manager led the presentation. With more financial institutions upgrading to version 15, there is more excitement generating around case management.

For those of you that are not quite in the know of this case management, I won’t keep you in the dark. :) Here are some key features below:

  • Standardize all processes from user to user
    • Group tasks in a flow, similar to workflow, to define one or more processes to be used in specific case types
    • Use workflows or instructions to accomplish tasks
  • Streamline your work
    • Through the use of tasks, define your unique process to standardize and streamline your users' workspace
  • Prioritize tasks
    • Organize by date – prioritize specific dates as part of the process based on your workday calendar
  • Provide increased visibility through reporting
    • Track case, person and account level fields
    • Track start, completion or in-progress tasks

I hope you had a chance to kick your legs up and enjoy your surroundings. But don’t get too comfortable. Take what you learned from the conference and get yourself out there!

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